Destination Elvis: Memphis, TN Elvis Week 2018

March 24, 2018

Destination Elvis - Memphis

With spring just beginning and summer quickly approaching, it has me getting excited for Elvis Week 2018! Sadly, I may not be able to attend this year. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been planning!

Even if the planning isn’t used for myself, it may be helpful to the thousands of other people making their way to Memphis, TN this August.

Having so many concerts and entertainment at night, I find it very important to keep that time open just in case I want to attend. If I am able to make it to Memphis this year, it may only be for a few days. Optimizing my time and seeing everything I would like to is extremely important.

Here are what my plans would be for a short 4-day trip to Memphis, TN during Elvis Week 2018.

Day 1: Graceland


No trip can begin properly without visiting the Promised Land. Graceland: Home of Elvis Presley is an absolute must the first day!

What I like to do is book an early tour in advance. This gives me ALL DAY to view Graceland and the Exhibits. By booking before the trip, I also find myself not having to stress over finding an available time slot.

Making sure all camera batteries are charged, I take as many photos as I want and look at everything.

Though Graceland never really changes, I still love touring it. Walking through the Jungle Room where he recorded so many of my favorite songs, including Moody Blue, makes me well up with tears every time. This feeling will never get old.

After touring the Graceland Mansion, I found it best to eat lunch before heading off into the new exhibits. Gladys’ Diner offers so many options. I was happy to find a gluten free pizza option! Don’t forget to buy a refillable mug. Not only are you able to fill it up during your stay, it’s also the perfect souvenir to take home.

Once filled up on delicious food, it is off to the exhibits! I don’t want to give too much away, but I honestly LOVE what Elvis Presley Enterprises has done. These exhibits really show how influential Elvis was and continues to be. It encourages younger generations of Elvis fans, ensuring his legacy lives on.

After having such an emotional and exciting tour of all the exhibits, it’s about time for dinner! A must-stop during the pilgrimage to Memphis is Marlowe’s. Just down Elvis Presley Blvd. you’ll find the perfect BBQ joint where Elvis himself use to chow down.

With all that BBQ, you’ll be ready to dance the night away with Elvis music at incredible concerts and showcases!

Day 2: Sun Studios

Sun Studios

Head to where it all began. I’m not even referring to just Elvis on this one. Birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll is at Sun Studios. Legends like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and so many more were discovered at this tiny recording studio.

Fans of music will rejoice for this up-close-and-personal tour of Sun Studios. Though ticket purchases cannot be made in advance, I find it best to get there as soon as they open. Spots fill up quickly – especially during Elvis Week.

If you have time before your tour begins, sit at the bar and get yourself one of their famous milkshakes! It doesn’t disappoint. You might want to share as these can be quite filling.

Still have some time? No worries! This gives you plenty of time to walk outside and take photos of the building. Elvis once used the front door – you’ll want to get a photo of yourself there!

This tour is guided, but you still have time to wander and take photos. You’ll even head to the ACTUAL studio where these legends performed and have an opportunity to take a photo with Elvis’s microphone in the exact spot he recorded. X literally marks the spot!

With such excitement so early on, you may find yourself ready to explore some of Memphis. Make sure to have dinner at Gus’s Fried Chicken. It’s a staple during any trip to Memphis.

Day 3: The Guest House at Graceland The Guest House at Graceland

I cannot even begin to express how much I love this resort-style hotel. Living in Orlando, FL and surrounded by so many, I describe The Guest House as an Elvis-theme Disney Resort. Which only makes me love it that much more.

There is so much to do and see that it deserves time for exploration. One of my favorite places in Memphis is now EP Grill! Having an Elvis-inspired menu, it is perfect for any Elvis fan. I ordered the Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich of course. It was delicious!

Walk around and take those photos. It will make any Instagram account shine.

Head over to the Lobby Bar and grab a drink as you enjoy time with your Elvis family. Memphis is our mecca and it’s wonderful to have a meeting place. Even if it is just once a year.

Being next door to Graceland and across the street from the exhibits, this day also makes for the perfect shopping day! Grab those souvenirs, whether it be for someone at home or yourself. It’s not too often you’re surrounded by shops offering all things Elvis.

Shopping always makes me hungry. Make your way back to The Guest House and have dinner at Delta’s Kitchen. This buffet is perfect for any dietary need. Fills you up and gets you ready for a fun night ahead.

Day 4: Beale Street

Beale Street

Just as every other destination on this list, Beale Street deserves some love too. There is honestly so much to do and see. Many concerts, contests, and other shows happen on Beale Street so spending an entire day here is not difficult to do.

Walk up and down Beale Street. Each side has so much to offer. My favorite place to go to each year is Wet Willie’s. Purchase a cup and a drink and fill up all day long.

Enjoy time with your friends and family by socializing, walking, shopping, and drinking together. Beale Street has made many friendships throughout Elvis Week history.

Keep your eyes out for those instagrammable walls too – there’s plenty!

Being a huge fan of Hard Rock, I make sure to eat there during my trips. Being surrounded by Elvis also helps!

An important note to make is Graceland offers morning and evening walk-ups to visit Elvis’s grave. I would recommend this to any person visiting Memphis during Elvis Week. Though it is not available during the Candlelight Vigil – go to the vigil btw – it is a somber experience and one of my favorite things to do.

Candlelight Vigil

Here is a downloadable itinerary:

Memphis, TN Itinerary

Memphis, TN has so much to offer, but as an Elvis fan these are priority for me. Those taking longer trips may have time for Tupelo or other destinations. What are your favorites and musts-sees during your trips?

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Until we meet again,

TCB and TCE,

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