August 16th – 40 Years Later and Forever Remembered

Elvis Glamour Shot

“I don’t feel I’ll live a long life. That’s why I have to get what I can from every day”

-Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley came into this world and, as he put it, “Never expected to be anybody important”. That quote may be one of my favorite Elvis quotes of all time. It reveals how humble and down to earth he truly was. The magnitude of his existence is still astonishing. The fact Elvis passed away 40 years ago today and still influences so many things around us shows that one man can stand the test of time.

In the heyday of Elvis Presley, the late 1950s, it seemed like he was unstoppable. His fans were unlike any other and were so devoted to him. Comparing 1950s fans to 2017 fans, not much has changed. Many generations have passed on their love of Elvis to their children and even grandchildren and created an entirely new fandom! The fans of Elvis span across the world, with no particular age group, and manage to still be the most devoted fans.

On this day, August 16th, we sit in remembrance of Elvis Presley and the incredible legacy he left behind. I was not alive during his lifetime, but this day is always very difficult for me as an Elvis fan. Knowing a legend was gone too soon and had the world mourning. The world still mourns the passing of Elvis Presley. With many fans in Memphis, TN during the celebration of Elvis’s life during the annual Elvis week, many fans are waking up a little later today as hundreds of people visited his grave the night before during the candlelight vigil held at Graceland.

When Elvis Died Media Coverage

On this day, August 16th, I sit in remembrance of Elvis Presley. I think of all the times his music has helped me through some pretty tough situations. Remembering how this man sang, “You gotta follow that dream wherever that dream may lead”, as I decided to move my entire life out of state. How this man sang, “It hurts me to see him treat you the way that he does”, as I sobbed after getting beat up by my boyfriend.

Remembering how this man sang into my ear, “We can make the morning if we try” when I debated taking my own life. Remembering that even though I have never met him, never would have had the chance to meet him, and was not even alive during his lifetime, he saved my life. I am forever thankful to Elvis for all the friendships he has brought to me, but I will be forever thankful to this man for saving my life.

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Thank you for the incredible legacy you left behind Elvis. Thank you for loving your fans during your life and even after you had to leave us. If you could only see this now. If only you could see that 40 years later you are still loved so much and are still an inspiration. I love you E.

Elvis Presley – My Way

June 26th, 1977 just 2 months before he passed away. This concert remains to be one of the most difficult things to watch. I cannot watch this video without crying.

Until we meet again!

TCB and TCE,

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