9 Elvis Albums That Changed My Life

9 Elvis Albums That Changed My Life Featured Photo

9 Elvis Albums That Changed My Life Featured Photo

My sister Misty challenged me a few weeks ago with 10 Albums that changed my life. Though other artists have made an impact on me, no artist has left a mark like Elvis has. As anyone could have guessed, Elvis made the majority of the list. Elvis is a part of who I am which is why my list of 10 albums turned into my list of 9 Elvis Albums. This left it impossible to chose only one artist to fill that spot.

I will make a list of 10 albums that changed my life (allowing myself to narrow it down to 5 Elvis albums). First, I wanted to list the Elvis Albums that have changed my life.

Here are my Top 9 Elvis Albums of all-time:

9. Welcome To My World

Elvis Album - Welcome to my World

This album was released March 1977, just five months before Elvis’s untimely death. Welcome To My World, the song, happens to be one of my favorites as it signifies entering the gates of Graceland for Elvis fans. The track list is incredible, though it includes re-releases, and is filled with emotional songs that made Elvis’s vocals shine. My favorite track on the album is Elvis’ cover of Help Me Make It Through The Night. (Talk about sexy).

Help Me Make It Through The Night

8. Elvis Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite

Elvis Album - Aloha From Hawaii

This concert was groundbreaking. Elvis was the first to ever have a concert viewed by the entire world LIVE with the help of satellite. It was an altering moment for Elvis. He spent an entire year getting into shape and becoming the best he could be for his audience. It is crazy to imagine Elvis having nerves, but he was full of them. This concert is filled with hits and covers that truly make this album (and concert) one of the best. My favorite song he performed during this special was originally by The Beatles.


7. Elvis That’s The Way It Is

Elvis Album - That's the way it is

This album was recorded during Elvis’s time in Las Vegas. Here he was able to go all out and perform for live audiences once again. He loved performing for his fans and taking the time to handpick songs. The 1970s definitely brought out some of the best Elvis songs and this is filled with them. This song is, without a doubt, my favorite on this entire album:

Just Pretend

6. Elvis Now

Elvis Album - Elvis Now

Though it does contain songs in the albums on this list, this albums makes this list for the compilations of songs. (If that makes sense). The emotions that come from this album showcased Elvis and the songs he loved to record. On this album happens to be my favorite Elvis song (and song in general) of ALL TIME:

We Can Make The Morning

5. Elvis Original Soundtrack Recording From His NBC-TV Special

Elvis Album - 68 Comeback Special

The ’68 Comeback Special was a moment in time that changed Elvis’s life. After making movies and many of them being unsuccessful, Elvis was feeling irrelevant. It was such a pivotal moment in Elvis’s career and proved to himself and everyone else that he was back. I remember watching this on VHS as a very young girl and loving it, but never understanding the impact this had until much older. From his sit down sets to the choreographed dance numbers, it was entertaining – but the entire special was brought to a close with my second favorite Elvis song of all time. This song stands the test of time and still rings true today – 50 years after its recording.

If I Can Dream


4. Elvis Is Back!

Elvis Album - Elvis Is Back

Elvis came back from the army and was ready to rock once again. He had found a new sound and was able to make himself relevant even though music evolved over the two years of his service. This song is filled with hits that will forever rock music and continue to excite Elvis fans around the world. My favorite song off the album is Such A Night.

Such A Night

3. Elvis Presley

Elvis Album - Elvis Presley

The album that started it all. Elvis Presley’s first album was filled with a new sound that was made mainstream and started a revolution. His life would never be the same. Without this album it’s doubtful other artists would have had a chance. Elvis helped open doors for all types of artists and music continued to evolve based on sounds heard on this album. If it wasn’t for That’s Alright (Mama) who knows where music would be today.

That’s Alright (Mama)

2. Moody Blue

Elvis Album - Moody Blue

The last album to ever be released in Elvis’s lifetime. Moody Blue is filled with songs Elvis recorded in the Jungle Room within Graceland and even with live performances. His powerhouse vocals are forever evident. There are so many things I want to say about this album, but I can’t ever put into words. Let me just say, I love it so much I named my blog after it! Here’s my favorite song from the album:

Moody Blue

1. From Elvis In Memphis

Elvis Album - From Elvis In Memphis

After the ’68 Comeback Special Elvis went back into the studio and was able to record songs other than movie soundtracks. He was able to handpick songs and sing his heart out. This was the music Elvis was passionate about. He poured his heart and soul into this album and it’s extremely clear. This album was life-changing for Elvis and for me. After the first time I heard this album, I knew there was something different about these songs in comparison to the others Elvis had recorded. It is so tough to pick a favorite song from this album, but I have to pick Any Day Now.

Any Day Now

Elvis had altered his sound in every era of his life and kept his fans intrigued about what would be coming next. Music has changed my life, but Elvis has impacted it so much and his music continues to inspire me. I don’t know where I would be without Elvis or his music. I am so lucky to have found his music at such a young age.

Also super happy to have each of these on original vinyl to be able to listen to whenever I want!

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Until we meet again,


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    moody blue is my favorite elvis record,the title track is also my favorite song by him.i own it on cd and vinyl.i believe i have 3 copies total.2 cds and 1 vinyl.talk about being obsessed with that record lol.

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