5 Undeniable Reasons Why I Love Elvis

Why I Love Elvis

Why I Love Elvis

Being a younger Elvis fan, it is always interesting to see the reactions from people when I begin to explain how obsessed I actually am. I mean, how many people in their 20s have an Elvis blog?

The first questions are always related to how I got into loving Elvis. People assume it was my parents or grandparents that got be hooked. Truth is, it was all me.

That being said, my mom has always liked Elvis, but she wasn’t one to have a designated Elvis room. That is, until I came along.

If you know me, then you know the story of how I fell in love with Elvis. Most relatives thought it was a phase and I would eventually grow out of it. Fortunately, as Elvis fans, we all know Elvis is not something you can grow out of.

I fell in love with Elvis at the age of five after I saw a picture of him on the cover of the TV Guide. I told my mom that I was going to marry him. The obsession only grew as I got older, but I found myself gaining an appreciation for Elvis.

It was love at first sight. Yes, he is absolutely gorgeous, but there is so much more to Elvis than his looks. As I grew up and continued studying Elvis’s life and legacy, I fell in love with the man behind that gorgeous face.

There are an infinite amount of reasons to love Elvis, but I hope this list provides a better understanding as to why I love him. Key word: I. This is about why I am an Elvis fan. I would LOVE to hear your reasons in the comments.

5. He marched to a beat of his own.

Elvis Plays the Drums

Elvis was always one to march to his own beat. Have you seen him move? This is something I think a lot of people look up to. Finding where you fit in can always be a difficult aspect when growing up. I wanted so badly to fit in.

In 4th grade I said I was no longer going to be an Elvis fan. Being mocked and picked on for being different was tough as a kid. I didn’t want to stand out. I wanted to be like all the other kids in my class.

After declaring this to my parents, they couldn’t seem to understand why I would give up something I loved so much. Mysteriously, a few days later, I received an unmarked package in the mail. It was an Elvis Magazine. I was mad I even got it, but as I began looking through the pages, I began to see why I had fallen in love with Elvis to begin with.

Elvis Magazine

How could I even think I could just stop loving him. The next day, I took that magazine to school with me and proudly set it on my desk for everyone to see. As old and beaten up as this magazine is, it is one of the most meaningful things I own.

From that moment on, I wanted to be more like Elvis. Dress how I wanted to dress and just be proud to be different. (I even wore poodle skirts to school when it wasn’t Halloween.) Though I was continuously picked on for a while, at one point people just stopped.

I was proud to be an Elvis fan and no one was going to convince me ever again to give him up.

4. He was, and still is, larger than life.

Elvis Tupelo Fair Grounds

There are times I have to remind myself Elvis was in fact a real person. Even though I can watch him in movies and concerts, there are still moments I forget.

Being born after his death, I was never able to watch him perform live on stage. (Probably a good thing as I would have been arrested for sure…) Watching old concerts it is clear to see his presence.

From the moment he walked on stage he captivated the audience.

The legacy he left behind only makes his life that more incredible. From his humble beginnings to his untimely death, Elvis truly lived the American Dream. Seeing documentary and movies produced decades after his death shows just how incredible his life really must have been.

I even find myself having a difficult time trying to find the words. It’s like a Disney character. You watch the movies and you love their message. When you finally get the chance to meet them in the park, there is no doubting this person is real.

Elvis was larger than life that it doesn’t feel like he was a real person. Whenever I visit Graceland and find myself walking through his house, looking at where he lived, taking pictures of jumpsuits he wore, and even looking at old family photos, I find myself getting emotional. These moments are when it really hits me just how REAL he actually was.

3. His heart was bigger than anyone could have ever imagined.

Private Elvis and Young Boy

As I said, Elvis was real. Not just in the sense of existence, but also in his heart. Going out of his way to make a difference in someone’s life was something he was known for.

Friends, family, and even complete strangers were blessed enough to cross Elvis’s path and he would be handing out Cadillac convertibles like candy.

Though these gestures went above and beyond anything I can even imagine, what Elvis did for the U.S.S Arizona Memorial will forever be one of my favorite Elvis stories. Elvis was a patriot and proud to be a part of making this memorial a reality.

Joining efforts with the Navy, Elvis hosted a benefit concert where proceeds went toward the memorial.

There are a number of stories throughout Elvis’s life that showcase his philanthropic heart, including his relationship with St. Jude’s. He was truly a remarkable person and I strive to have just a portion of the kindness he had in his heart.

2. His music continues to speak to people.

Elvis Recording Studio

I struggled putting this at number two as this is a HUGE reason why I love Elvis, but when I get to one I think you may understand.

Elvis literally has a song for everything. From ensuring children have the confidence to do anything to inspiring people to make a difference in this world, there will probably be an Elvis song for how you’re feeling.

Spending a lot of my time alone and isolated from others, I found myself listening to Elvis’s music. He was with me through some of my toughest moments in life and quite honestly, I would not be here if it wasn’t for his music.

Personally, I find his music from 1968 until his untimely passing to be his absolute best. Pouring his heart and soul out with many of those lyrics continues to captivate and move people to tears. (Myself included)

One of my top five favorite Elvis songs will forever be “If I Can Dream”. The message is so incredibly power and continues to speak to generations of people. With so many issues going on today, this song provides a message of hope. Though the message spoke perfectly in 1968, it remains that way 50 years later.

Elvis helped change the course of music. Without him, who knows what would be popular today. But it is the lyrics and music that continue to ensure his legacy lives on. Though he is known for hits like “Hound Dog” and “Jailhouse Rock” I only wish someday he would be known for “If I Can Dream” and “We Can Make The Morning”.

There is so much beneath the surface of Elvis’s music. Going in deeper to the off-the-wall songs really make me love this man that much more.

1. His lasting effect continues to inspire generations.

Candlelight Vigil

As I look around my office and see Elvis spewed throughout, I can’t even begin to imagine how many people on this earth have an Elvis room as I do.

The first time I was ever exposed to an Elvis event, I was shocked. I had absolutely no idea anyone else was an Elvis fan because I had never been around one.

Elvis left such a mark on this planet and his lasting effect makes me love him that much more. He continues to reach audiences across generations through family members and those like me who find him on their own and love him.

There are so many reasons why I love Elvis, but these are easy to understand for those who may not be a die-hard Elvis fan.

I encourage Elvis fans to sit back and reflect on why they love Elvis. Doing this, I realized why Elvis means so much to me. He was there for me when I had no one else with his music. I was able to overcome so much because of his influence.

If you aren’t an Elvis fan and reading this, you may think I am nuts. I encourage you to take the time to listen to this song to understand what I mean.

Elvis Presley – If I Can Dream


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Until we meet again,

TCB and TCE,

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  • Reply Misty March 13, 2018 at 10:23 pm

    I’m a little bummed that you didn’t post a picture of you dressed up as Elvis for Halloween (classic!).

    • Reply Little Sister March 14, 2018 at 10:48 am

      There are photos hidden in the depths of this entire blog website! I am sure they will resurface at some point. I definitely thought about including them in this post too!

    • Reply Minda October 31, 2020 at 5:32 am

      Hello! I’m so glad I came across your blog tonight/morning (I’m a super night owl). I’m writing an article on Elvis’ funeral and memorial, and I’m including a section on his annual candlelight vigils. I think they speak volumes about the man and are like a yearly memorial service. I’m a fan though not on the level you are (I’ve got so many people I respect and adore, it’s hard to pick just one!), and periodically get reminded of what an amazing person he was. His kindness and huge heart made him a beautiful human being. And I don’t think there are many people who understand that special kind of person. They’re too rare, unfortunately, and often too full of heart to see when others are taking advantage of them. With Elvis, I wonder if he was looking for that overflowing heart in others, too, but he didn’t find it. Maybe except from his parents.

      As I was reading your post, each point you rang true. There is something within his songs that is “more than.” There’s an honestly in his lyrics surpassed only by the emotion of his singing. I love his gospel music. I’m not religious at all, but when I hear him sing “How Great Thou Art,” it’s like I can feel God. It’s the closest thing to undeniable belief I’ve felt. Other people may think that’s a silly exaggeration, but I think you know exactly what I’m talking about. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It’s a lovely tribute and some great reasons what a person can’t stop loving Elvis.

  • Reply Danielle March 21, 2018 at 2:42 pm

    Reading this I felt almost like your twin. Being only 30 myself, I have had people tell me it was just a phase. From the age of 5 or 6, I was a devoted Elvis fan. In high school, I was made fun of for listening to Elvis and also dressed up like him for Halloween. Your points for why you love Elvis were written well and explain who he was as a person. I am sure people ask you what era you like the most. For me, I like every aspect and era. As long as there are younger generations who learn about Elvis, his legacy will be around for years to come. Thanks for your post!

  • Reply SuzyQ May 12, 2021 at 9:29 pm

    I’ve just been reading this article about “Why I love Elvis so much”.
    It sounded like it was me that wrote it, as this is the first time ever that someone has expressed what has been in my heart since I was around 8 years old. I heard him on the radio quite a bit, singing “Suspicion”. I liked it straight away and his voice. When he died, I was 10 and I used to devour the news reports about him. I started to become obsessed with him. His love for God and his mother is what made me gasp in awe, as I was so impressed. Everything else followed.
    I still at times get laughed at when I say how much I love Elvis. I’m now 54 years old. I also discovered him all by myself . He has been in my life for most of it, and he was my first love. My nan told my mum that I would grow out of it. My nan died 40 years ago and Elvis is still in my heart. He isn’t going anywhere. You make so much sense when you mentioned that you don’t grow out of Elvis. He saved my life when I had no one. He was out of this world in so many ways. He was an absolutely and utterly beautiful man in many many ways, and stood out big time.

  • Leave a Reply