Fun in Acapulco Kids Activity for the Younger Elvis Fans!

Sing You Children - Have Fun In Acapulco

Want to get your kids, or grandkids, excited about Elvis? Complete this Fun in Acapulco Kids Activity while watching the film!

“Acapulco, it’s a day for fun.”

– Elvis Presley, Fun In Acapulco, 1963

Growing up no one had to influence me on loving Elvis. We did not grow up with every Elvis movie known to man on VHS so it was always my favorite thing going to the library to rent one. Of the 31 Elvis films, our library had Fun In Acapulco. I would beg to check it out each time we went to the library and it quickly became one of my favorites. This is not the norm for most families, as being an Elvis fan is something that is shared with multi-generations. With this extra time we have at home, now is the perfect time to introduce little ones to Elvis! 

Below you will find a printable Fun in Acapulco Kids Activity! Before beginning the activity page, provide the background information below to get them excited about watching the movie.

Throughout Fun In Acapulco, you will see the Mexican heritage being celebrated. From bullfighting to cliff diving, excitement can be found throughout the film! Cliff diving is a tradition in Acapulco, Mexico that dates back to 1934 when local divers created a team. This team leaps from 148-foot cliffs above the sea needing to time their jumps perfectly with the tide. 

In Fun In Acapulco, watch how Mike Windgren [Elvis Presley] overcomes the fears of his past and see if he is able to make that 148-foot dive!

Have Fun in Acapulco - Kid Activity

Download a printable PDF here: Have Fun in Acapulco – Kid Activity.

Let us know if the children in your life completed the activity, enjoyed the film, or learned something new!

Until we meet again,

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