TCB: Getting Through A [Moody] Blue Monday

Getting Through A[Moody] Blue Monday

Getting Through A[Moody] Blue Monday

It doesn’t matter if you love your job or not – despising Monday’s are common. After having a wonderfully relaxing weekend, why would anyone want to get up early on a Monday to get their work week started?

Thanks to Elvis, I have set-up a pretty good way to get rid of those Moody Monday Blues and jump right into a Such A Week mood. Here are some helpful tips to get you out of that Monday funk and ready to take on that work week.

Elvis Wake-Up Tone

Morning Alarms

I can proudly admit that I am a snoozer. The need to set multiple alarms to helpful for me to ease into the day. Each alarm has a specific name and ringtone to help motivate me to get up and get going.

  • Alarm 1: “You Is Kind” @6:45 AM

Playing off from one of my favorite movie quotes (direct from The Help), I start by easing into my morning with Elvis reminding me I can snooze and try to get a few more minutes of sleep. For this, I chose the song The Sound of Your Cry and begin the alarm at the lyrics “Sleep my love, as I kiss you goodbye”. Being so quick to snooze, I never get past that section. (Unless I happen to be wide awake and I let myself enjoy the sweet tones of Elvis’s voice.)

  • Alarm 2: “You Is Smart” @ 7:15 AM

This is my safety alarm. If I get up at this time, I will not be at risk for running late. To indicate my leaving, I chose Elvis’s song Heart Of Rome and start right from the beginning; “In a little while you’re leaving…” I normally turn my alarm off right away and jump out of bed. BUT there are the times I snooze and allow myself a few more minutes of sleep. This is where Alarm 3 comes in handy.

  • Alarm 3: “You Is Gonna Be Late” @ 7:30 AM

15 minutes of snooze doesn’t really seem like it could cause that much damage, by for someone who enjoys putting on makeup and the need to fix my hair, 15 minutes goes a long way. For this, I need the help of my FAVORITE Elvis song of all time. We Can Make The Morning is my biggest help these days. Sometimes you just need a little encouragement from the king to get up and get going. “We can make the morning if we try, girl. We can make the morning you and I – together”.

Morning Playlist

Elvis Morning Playlist - Moody Blue Monday

The drive to work can sometimes be the most stressful. Being surrounded by two types of drivers: The ones that are in too much of a hurry and no speed will please then or the ones that clearly have no place to be. Living in Orlando and driving on busy roads filled with these types of drivers can lead any person to get a little road rage-y.

Thankfully, I have developed the perfect morning commute playlist to help get me in a good mood. Since my drive is just under 20 minutes with moderate traffic, I have developed the BEST playlist.

  • Song 1: Burning Love

There are times it takes me a minute to get completely into it (I am thanking coffee for this one), but once I start jamming and singing along there is no turning back! I go all out and don’t hold back. Starting any day happy can make any issue that arises are work seem manageable. No one wants to go to work in a bad mood.

As for the rest of the playlist, it does not exist. I literally listen to Burning Love on repeat until I park my car. It never gets old and I doubt it ever will. It is by far the best way to head into work.

Elvis’s Face

Everyone at the office knows I am obsessed with Elvis. This is something any person will learn about me the first time we are introduced. I am an Elvis fan – it is a part of who I am. Because of this, I have zero shame showing that love all over my desk. From Elvis lamps, pictures, busts, and calendars to my desktop background and my email sign-off I find small happiness in being reminded of Elvis during my workday.

Work Playlist

Elvis Work Playlist Mood Blue Monday

If you are like me and need a little music to help crank through the daily tasks, then headphones are your best friend. My work playlist is much different from my Morning Playlist since I do need a little variety for eight hours. I like to have fast-paced songs to keep me going and help the time fly.

Here are some songs on my playlist:

Promised Land

Suspicious Minds

Such A Night

Moody Blue (duh)


Steamroller Blues (not exactly fast-paced, but definitely motivational)

“Everyday is just Blue Monday…” Elvis said sang it right in Mess of Blues, but with his help, it is possible to turn a workday around. The best workers are happy workers, so let’s impress our bosses with positive attitudes and a strong work ethic! Start your day on a positive note with a little help from Elvis.

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Until we meet again,


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  • Reply Billie May 8, 2018 at 5:50 am

    Nothing about this surprises me. Not a bad way to start any day!

    • Reply Little Sister May 8, 2018 at 12:34 pm

      Keeping a positive outlook is so important for getting through tough days. Naturally, I have to use some Elvis to keep me motivated.

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