David Allen – Michigan Elvis Festival 2017

David Allen - Michigan Elvis Fest 2017

“We carry on a memory of someone that people looked up to and still do.”

-David Allen

New to Michigan Elvis Festival this year, David Allen took to stage and excited the audience with his performance. Friday night, he showcased his wonderful Johnny Cash set. Native to Texas, this “Top Ten” Elvis Tribute Artist was a crowd favorite and many were excited to see him finally take to the stage during Michigan Elvis Festival!

David Allen – Sweet Caroline

After starting his journey 17 years ago, David Allen continues to grow and compete around the United States. This crowd please gave his all during his 70s sets and performed some of Elvis’s top hits. In watching him perform, you can tell he cares and is passionate about his tribute to Elvis. With this care comes seriousness and just the right amount of fun!

David Allen – Stranger In the Crowd

Sadly, I was unable to get any videos of him as Johnny Cash, BUT it is a must see. At usual shows, he performs on stage with his wife Cheryl Allen as June Carter. Though I have only seen videos, they are a dynamic duo!

It was nice to finally see David Allen attend the Michigan Elvis Festival and perform! The audience loved him as both Johnny and Elvis and I overheard a lot of people hopeful he returns next year.

David Allen – Burning Love

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