Ted Torres – Michigan Elvis Festival 2017

Ted Torres MI 2017

Ted Torres performing Friday, July 7th, 2017 during the Michigan Elvis Fest, PC: Ashley Dion

“I would like to thank Mr. Elvis Aaron Presley. Because without him, none of this would be possible.”

-Ted Torres

An ETA that is true to Elvis and a wonderful entertainer is none other than Ted Torres. From the moment he steps on stage he captivates his audience and keeps them wanting more. Michigan Elvis Festival offered some AMAZING high energy performance from Ted Torres and it was incredible to watch.

Personally, my favorite era of Elvis is 1969. Just after the ’68 Comeback Special and heading off to Vegas. Elvis was in his prime and again, in my personal opinion, produced some of his best music. Ted Torres often puts on 1969 Elvis shows and I was unbelievably excited to watch him step foot onto the stage wearing the black karate Elvis suit with red belt! Ted’s vocals are so incredible and I feel like 68 and 69 Elvis is his strong suit!

Ted Torres – In The Ghetto

Videographer: Mike Dion

Ted Torres – I Gotta Woman

Videographer: Mike Dion

During his first performance Saturday, Ted came out sporting 1960s inspired Elvis! Just out of the Army and already jumping back into recording hits! Singing many fan favorites and some not often heard hits, Ted rocked the stage and the audience LOVED him!

Ted Torres MI 2017

Ted Torres performing July 8th, 2017 during the Michigan Elvis Fest PC: Ashley Dion

Ted Torres – Such A Night

Videographer: Mike Dion

Ted Torres – Love Letters

Videographer: Mike Dion

As Saturday evening approached, Ted took to the stage wearing one amazing Elvis jumpsuit. It is always perfect having 1970s Elvis close any show. Ted gave amazing vocals, epic dance moves, and humbling demeanor as he conversed with the audience.

Ted Torres – Suspicious Minds

Videographer: Mike Dion

Ted Torres – You Gave Me A Mountain

Videographer: Mike Dion

Ted Torres – Can’t Help Falling In Love

Videographer: Mike Dion


An all-around full package when it comes to an ETA! Always so thrilled to see his name on the line-up during Michigan Elvis Fest!

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Until we meet again!

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