Elvis Week 2018: Attending the Candlelight Vigil from Home

The Candlelight Vigil at Home

The Candlelight Vigil at Home

Speaking personally, the Candlelight Vigil is something I look forward to each and every Elvis Week. Since I was unable to attend Elvis Week 2018, there are many ways I have found to still take part in the Candlelight Vigil and remember Elvis’s life and legacy. Here are some tips to having your own Candlelight Vigil from home:

  1. Create the perfect Elvis playlist

One of my favorite parts of the Candlelight Vigil is the soundtrack that goes along with the event. Walking up the driveway at Graceland listening to the soft Elvis music being projected throughout really sets the mood for the event. Here are some ideas to add to your playlist:

  1. The Sound of Your Cry
  2. For The Good Times
  3. My Way
  4. It’s Midnight
  5. I’ll Remember You
  6. Always On My Mind
  7. Until It’s Time For You To Go
  8. As Long As I Have You
  9. If I Can Dream
  10. We Can Make The Morning
2. Set the Mood

Though it may seem silly, dimming the lights can truly make this occasion. It is not a happy, cheery event; but it is a very powerful moment. For any person, regardless of if they are an Elvis fan or not, can be impacted by this event just by seeing how one man had touched so many lives decades after his passing. With the quiet music in the background, dimming the lights will help set the tone. (If you are like me an unable to light a candle and would like to, there is a function on the Elvis Week Smartphone App that allows you to pay tribute).

  1. Stream the Event Live

Thanks to evolving technology, Graceland has made it possible to watch and view the event with the help of live stream. Tune in at 8:30 PM CST to watch the event unfold at the gates of Graceland.

If you are one of the lucky ones to actually attend Elvis Week 2018 and be at the Candlelight Vigil, read here to help prepare for the event. Elvis Week continues on as August 16th is the official anniversary of Elvis Presley’s passing. With that in mind, there are many ways to celebrate his life and legacy. Follow our blog to learn ways to celebrate tomorrow!

Until we meet again,

TCB and TCE,

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