Elvis Birthday Cruise 2018 – Highlights, Schedule, and MORE!

Elvis Birthday Cruise 2018 - Highlights, Schedule, and MORE!

Elvis Birthday Cruise 2018 - Highlights, Schedule, and MORE!

“And I shall be aboard that ship tomorrow”

-Elvis Presley, The Last Farewell,  1976

The 2nd annual Elvis Birthday Cruise was an experience I will never forget. The perfect backdrop to the incredible week-long cruise, was provided by Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas. This large vessel contained some of the most beautiful venue.

The various shows and concerts were highlighted by these venues during this event. Between the quiet, intimate nightclubs to the 1500-person theatre – Oasis of the Seas was perfect for this epic Elvis Event.

2018 Elvis Cruise Promo

Hosted by ElvisFestival.com, brother team Jason and Adam Sherry did not disappoint. Containing a jam-packed schedule, there was something going on every day of this week-long cruise.

Taylor Rodriguez - Elvis Cruise 2018

Acoustic jam sessions, track performances, and full-fledge production shows kept the crowd entertained late into the night. Not to mention the many games that were offered. Including: Elvis Bingo, Door Decorating Contest, Elvis Jeopardy, and (my personal favorite) Elvis Name-That-Tune.

ElvisFestival.com 2018 Birthday Cruise Schedule

Elvis Cruise 2018 Schedule 1 Elvis Cruise 2018 Schedule 2

My husband and myself may not have won the door decorating contest, or anything else for that matter, but I completely dominated at Elvis Name-That-Tune. This special game show was hosted by comedic duo Dwight Icenhower and Dean Z. Between their Elvis duets to their comedic timing, this was one of my favorite events of the entire week-long cruise!

Name That Tune Prizes

The production shows were backed by the award-winning band – The Change of Habit Tribute Band. Providing their high caliber talent and the perfection of their Elvis music knowledge, their performance continued to enhance any performer that entertained alongside them.

Each concert that took place was packed with entertainment from one of the many Tribute Artist that were aboard the ship. Riley Jenkins, Brad Mitchell, Travis Powell, Austin Irby, Taylor Rodriguez, Dean Z, and Dwight Icenhower each had their own moments to shine in front of hundreds of Elvis fans.

Dwight Icenhower - Elvis Cruise 2018

I am very excited to share highlights from each of their performances in later posts!

Rather than missing shows, my husband and I opted to see the highly entertaining concerts. The schedule was rather compact and visiting ports was quite difficult.

This cruise was by far one of the best Elvis events I have ever attended. (I have attended quite a few since 1999!). Because of the wonderful entertainment, getting off the ship was not easy. Therefore, booking for next year seemed necessary.

ElvisFestival.com 3rd Annual Birthday Cruise 2019

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For more information about other Elvis Events around the United States, visit: ElvisFestival.com

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