18th Annual Michigan Elvis Festival – Friday Night

Ted Torres performing with the Change of Habit Tribute Band - MI 2017
-Ted Torres performing with The Change Of Habit Band; PC: Ashley Dion

“One of the best music festivals in the Mid-West”

-Chicago Tribune

Crowds gathered in Ypsilanti, MI in anticipation of the 18th annual Michigan Elvis Fest. The day and a half festival is a fun celebration just listening to music and partying the weekend away! With the beautiful scenery of Riverside Park, fans set up their lawn chairs to enjoy the outdoor setting showcasing some amazing ETA’s. Rain wouldn’t keep us away from celebrating Elvis!

Friday night is always a nice set up to how the weekend will go. With performances from each entertainer, along with some surprise performances of legendary musicians, Friday was the perfect start to a beautiful weekend.Ryan Pelton - MI 2017

Performing Friday:

Colin Dexter, Chris Ayotte, Ben Johnson, Ryan Pelton (Friday only), Quentin Flagg, Ted Torres, Doug Church, and Matt King.

Along with that, Robert Washington took the stage with his tribute to James Brown, David Allen with his tribute to Johnny Cash, and Irv Cass with his tribute to Tom Jones. Honestly, it would not have been a complete Michigan Elvis Fest without a performance by Irv as Tom Jones.

This celebration of music is a nice change to the contest atmosphere. The stress-free environment really creates a wonderful setting to the music!

“What you need is a change of habit”

-Elvis Presley, Change of Habit

As always, The Change of Habit Tribute Band lead a phenomenal show upholding the integrity of Elvis’s music, just as the TCB band held for Elvis himself. This band is truly one of the best out there and try to recreate exactly what Elvis performed along with. It is always such a pleasure witnessing this band perform!

Joe and Trish of the Change of Habit Tribute Band


-Tricia Sawilchik and Joe Scumaci performing with The Change Of Habit Band; PC: Ashley Dion

The Master of Ceremonies returns with his “Yeah Baby” and generating an excitement in the audience. With his glowing smile, Ronny Craig’s presence captures the audience and keeps us wanting more. (I was REALLLY hoping he was going to sing “America” this year!!!)

There were so many WONDERFUL performances, that I cannot fit them all into one post. There will be a few focusing on each performer containing videos and pictures! Here are some of the highlights from Friday Night! (Saturday will be posting soon!)

Ted Torres – Words

Videographer: Ashley Dion


Matt King – Little Sister/Get Back

Videographer: Ashley Dion

Ryan Pelton – My Way

Videographer: Mike Dion

There are so many videos that it was extremely difficult just to choose a few.

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Until we meet again!

TCB and TCE,

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