18th Annual Michigan Elvis Festival – Saturday July 8th, 2017



Quentin Flagg - MI Elvis Fest 2017
-Quentin Flagg performing with the Change of Habit Tribute Band Saturday, July 8th, 2017 during the Michigan Elvis Festival; PC: Ashley Dion

Not a cloud in sight as Elvis fans set up their lawn chairs in the sunshine waiting for the all day Saturday festival to begin. From noon until midnight, performers would be rocking the stage with Elvis classic and off-the-wall hits all day long. The 18th Annual Michigan Elvis Festival is always a must see.

For me, it is the highlight of the year. This year was filled with quality entertainment (like every year before) and jammed packed with fun.

With the sunshine, clear skies, perfectly warm day, the entertainers took the stage and performed as if the sun and heat were not even a bother. Watching up-and-comers like Colin Dexter and Ben Johnson, it was refreshing to see Elvis’s legacy continue to live on.

With pros like Doug Church, Ted Torres, Matt King, David Allen, Robert Washington, Quentin Flagg, and Chris Ayotte showing these young performers how to pay a wonderful tribute to Elvis Presley, the entertainment is never lacking.

As always, one of the highlights of any Michigan Elvis Festival, Irv Cass performing as Tom Jones. Cass always does a wonderful job as Tom and an even better job at getting the crowd ready for the exhilarating night ahead!

Each performer has the opportunity to take the stage twice and show the audience an amazing time. The fun never stops even during a band break. With the talented TJ Craven crooning and singing to a variety of classics.

Irv Cass - Tom Jone - MI Elvis Fest 2017

-Irv Cass as Tom Jones, Saturday, July 8th, 2017 during the Michigan Elvis Festival; PC: Ashley Dion

Every entertainer makes the most of their time on the stage and leaves the audience wanting more. There is not enough room in one post to create such a compelling story about each entertainer. (Highlights for each performer coming soon!) There are many wonderful performances to showcase from that Saturday. With 12 hours of entertaining, it’s difficult to pick just a few!

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Here is a sneak peek of each performer:

Ben Johnson – Good Rockin’ Tonight

Quentin Flagg – Mean Woman Blues

Matt King – Promised Land

Robert Washington – We Can Make The Morning

Ted Torres – Bridge Over Troubled Water

David Allen – Stranger In the Crowd

Doug Church – Rags To Riches

Until we meet again!

TCB and TCE,

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