Peter Alden and Steve Brannon – “Unplugged” July 22nd, 2017

Steve Brannon and Peter Alden

-Steve Brannon and Peter Alden “Unplugged” July 22nd, 2017; PC: Ashley Dion

Hidden within Davenport, FL is a cute little British pub, Sunday’s Grill. Serving some of the best food around and amazing customer service. It was the perfect setting for such a personal “unplugged” show. As close friends gathered and took up all the space available, it was clear that we were all in for an amazing night ahead.


Steve Brannon - Unplugged

Having an incredible guitarist (Steve Brannon) and powerhouse vocals (Peter Alden), really made a wonderfully entertaining and talented show. Between the witty banter, jokes, and good music, this really is a must see! This “Unplugged” show was the first time Brannon and Alden had even done this together. In pure preparation for their show in Memphis, TN at Tin Roof on Beale Street Saturday, August 12th!


Peter Alden and Steve Brannon – You’ll Never Walk Alone

-Videographer Ashley Dion

The intimate acoustic show really brought out the talents of both Steve Brannon and Peter Alden. Steve Brannon showcased his impressive guitar skills and incredible vocals as well, exciting the crowd and keeping the mood just right!


Peter Alden - Unplugged

As stated above, Peter Alden is a powerhouse! His vocals and vocal range is unmatched by most. The love and passion he (and Brannon) have toward Elvis, his music, and legacy shown through during their performance. We were even lucky enough to witness Krista Joy sing alongside them both! (Still upset I was unable to get a video of that performance!)


Steve Brannon – Mr. Songman

-Videographer Ashley Dion

If you are heading out to Memphis, TN this year for Elvis Week, make sure to check out this show! Happening only once at Tin Roof on Beale Street Saturday, August 12th at 3pm CDT!

Peter Alden and Steve Brannon – Lawdy Miss Clawdy

-Videographer Ashley Dion

And of course, what other song could they close out with??

Peter Alden and Steve Brannon – Can’t Help Falling In Love

-Videographer Ashley Dion

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