Elvis Week 2018: Preparing for the Candlelight Vigil

Prepare for the Candlelight Vigil

Prepare for the Candlelight Vigil

The Candlelight Vigil is an event that Elvis fans look forward to each Elvis Week. It is an emotional experience that shows the impact Elvis has had so many years after his passing. This year, on the 41st anniversary of his passing, the Candlelight Vigil celebrates its 40th anniversary. This even was started by the Elvis fans and was embraces by Elvis Presley Enterprises as a way to thank the Elvis fans for keeping his legacy alive.

This event can last until the early hours of the morning and it does take some preparing to ensure every fan has a safe and enjoyable time. Below are some tips to prepare for the Candlelight Vigil

  1. Arrive Early

Though the event does not officially begin until 8:30 PM, fans arrive early as Elvis Presley Blvd. shuts down access and parking fills up. Last year, our group arrived just after 4:00 PM and made it just in time before they closed the parking lot.

  1. Bring a change of clothes

Since many Elvis fans arrive early, it is quite warm considering it is Memphis in the middle of summer. After spending so much time in the sunlight, it has always been beneficial to bring a change of clothes – even just a different top to change into just before the vigil begins. I would also like to note, bring a comfortable pair of shoes as you may be standing for many hours into the night.

  1. Hydrate

Elvis Drinking Water

It is never the desire of any person to utilize a port-a-potty but considering the vigil can last anywhere from 5-8 hours, remembering to hydrate is a must. The line to walk up the pathway at Graceland to pay respect to Elvis can get incredibly long and the best way to stay safe is to hydrate.

  1. Eat Food

Elvis Eating a Burger

If you arrive early to the vigil, chances are you will be at Graceland for hours – quite possibly 12. With the addition of the new complex, there are many places to grab food so the hanger does not set in and everyone can refrain from getting sick. Grab dinner just as you arrive to Graceland and as the line for the vigil typically gets long, grabbing food just before the event can also help ensure people do not get sick. For food options, click here.

All of this ensures Elvis fans can enjoy the Candlelight Vigil and be completely in the moment with the spirit of the night.

If you are like me and unable to attend the Candlelight Vigil, here are many ways to have a Candlelight Vigil of your own at home.

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