6th Annual Shake Rattle and Soul Fest – Highlights

6th Annual Shake Rattle and Soul Fest

Shake, Rattle, & Soul Fest

This past weekend was filled with some of the best entertainment around. The 6th Annual Shake Rattle and Soul Fest held in Sarasota, FL provided more than the average festival. Dwight Icenhower hand-picked each performer and made sure those that were attending would get more than they could have imagined.

The extremely well-produced event proved Dwight Icenhower is not only one of the best entertainers around, but also a producer to be reckoned with. Because of the amazing EAS Band backing each performer, energy was high. Their contemporary take on classic songs can really get younger generations into any and all performances.

Looking back on the festival, there were no weak spots. From the moment the event began I was energized and ready for every single performer. The 2-day event seemed to fly by and left me excited for next year.

Dwight Icenhower - Shake Rattle Soul Fest 2018

– Dwight Icenhower, 2018; PC: Ashley Dion

Unlike other similar events, there was more in store for the audience than just Elvis. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Elvis clearly and could enjoy listening to Elvis music on repeat for eternity. That being said, my husband (who calls himself an Elvis fan – but says he “Likes Elvis”) was looking forward to the variety that Shake Rattle and Soul Fest brought.

Spanning across multiple generations, the Shake Rattle and Soul Fest brought tribute to: Elvis Presley (of course), James Brown, Rod Stewart, Roy Orbison, Little Richard, and Tom Jones. 

This wonderful showcase of talent left me wanting more after each performer. Featured artists include: Tim E. Hendry, Robert Washington, Garry Moore, Steve Bobbitt, Cote Deonath, Matt King, Lou Nelson, and the one and only Dwight Icenhower. 

Tim E. Hendry - Shake Rattle and Soul Fest 2018

– Tim E. Hendry, 2018; PC: Ashley Dion

The high caliber of entertainment certainly puts this festival on the top of best events around! In regards to other festivals, Shake Rattle and Soul Fest should be on any list of events not to miss. While other festivals focus on one particular artist, though I am not complaining, this event finds a balance in variety to draw in larger crowds.

Most of all, the quality of entertainment, really puts this event on the top. In conclusion, make sure Shake Rattle and Soul Fest in on your list for 2019!

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