Elvis Fact: The Roles That Might Have Been

The Roles That Might Have Been

Who knows what Elvis’s career would have transformed into. Could Elvis have won an Oscar for Best Performing Actor? The world will never know.

Most people are unaware since his time in Hollywood ended up being a joke, but Elvis was a promising young actor. He was motivated and had so much potential but was told to turn down two roles that could have changed his entire career.

In the early days of Elvis’s career, he was in consideration to portray Tony in West Side Story. Later in his career, he was approached to portray John in A Star Is Born. So what really happened? Keep reading to learn the truth – though you probably already guessed accurately.

The roles that might have been.

One of Elvis’s close friends approached him to play opposite her in an upcoming musical West Side Story, but Elvis was told to turn it down. Yes, Natalie Wood wanted Elvis to portray Tony. Watching him in King Creole, there is zero doubt he would have been perfect as Tony. Who knows what West Side Story would have done for Elvis’s career or what other roles he would have landed. 

More upsetting than him being forced to turn down Tony was Elvis turning down the role of John. Elvis would have starred alongside Barbara Streisand in A Star Is Born. Remembering his earlier performances and now knowing the struggles he faced in his reality, he would have been perfect. This role would have shown critics how incredible of an actor he was. 

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During the course of his time in Hollywood, Elvis starred in 31 films. Through the good, the bad, and the painful, we were with Elvis on his acting journey and supported all that he did. Elvis was a shining star with real promise in the early days of his acting career. Having starred in dramatic films like King Creole, Loving You, and Jailhouse Rock, Elvis was on his way to something truly special. 

Sadly, something (or someone I should say) got in the way of what might have been. It still has me wondering what roles Elvis may have been up for had he been given a chance. 

What movies or roles do you think Elvis would have been perfect for?

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