Elvis Quote: “I Was Still In The Army.”

It's Only Words Elvis Quote 5/26
It's Only Words Elvis Quote 5/26

“The next thing I knew, I was out of the service and making movies again. My first picture was called, G.I. Blues. I thought I was still in the army.”

When Elvis entered the Army, no on was sure what his career would look like when he returned. Colonel Tom Parker knew the best way to handle Elvis’s return was to remind everyone of the reason he was gone. As Elvis entered back into civilian life after serving two years in the United States Army, he was excited to return to acting.

Before the “conveyer belt” of movies, was the golden age of Elvis films. The first film Elvis worked on after the army was none other than G.I. Blues. This must have been confusing for Presley as the film took place in Germany – just as he was stationed! This film allowed Elvis fans to imagine his life in Germany being like this – even though it was very much not.

Frankfurt Special – G.I. Blues

G.I. Blues opened to incredible audiences and launched the next wave of Elvis films. Though G.I. Blues was not the only film to feature Elvis in the clean-cut uniform. Blue Hawaii Elvis stared as Chad Gates returning home from his time in the army and Easy Come, Easy Go he stared as Ted Jackson a Navy frogman on a search for sunken treasure. Personal opinion: G.I. Blues and Blue Hawaii are some of Elvis’s best films!

One of my favorite facts regarding G.I. Blues is that Elvis had some of his army friends featured! Growing up, the super intendant of the church I went to served in the army with Elvis and told me so many stories. He was asked to be in the film and can be seen near the beginning of G.I. Blues at the gas station.

Almost Always True – Blue Hawaii

Colonel Tom Parker knew how to market Elvis and set himself up for stardom when he returned from the army – embrace the uniform. From album covers to feature films, Elvis was everywhere in that uniform. Zero complaints here.

Thank you for your service Elvis and to all those who have served to protect us! We salute you.

Army Elvis Saluting in front of US Flag

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