King of the Whole Wide World : 1957


“Cause the man who can sing when he hasn’t got a thing, he’s the king of the whole wide world”

Elvis’s future was so bright, and with the talent he possessed, it seemed there was nothing he could not do. 1957 was full of surprises for Elvis. On January 4th, he headed to Kennedy Veteran’s Hospital for his pre-induction physical, which he passes and gets his number. A few days later, he makes his last appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in which he sings Peace In The Valley. On his 22nd birthday, he is classified 1-A by the Memphis draft board. By the end of the month, he is continuing to record songs in the studios and begins filming for Loving You.

Peace In The Valley

Billboard reported on March 9th, that Elvis sold 12.5 million singles and 2.75 million LP’s in 1956. With the success of his record sales and the completion of gold Loving You, Elvis returns to Memphis and purchased Graceland for $100,000. Continuing to record and tour, Elvis encounters rowdy fans. In Buffalo, a concert grosses over $40,000, but four other concerts in the northeast and Canada bring in over $300,000. During his Canada tours, Elvis wears the very famous gold lame suit which was made with real gold. Leaders in Ottawa campaigned to keep the attendance down at his concerts.

April 10th, the Presley’s finally move into Graceland where Elvis would spend the rest of his life. With the family all elvisgates settled, Elvis makes his way back to L.A. to begin filming for Jailhouse Rock. By May 13th, the filming begins. During the filming, Elvis swallows a cap from his front tooth and is taken to the hospital where it is removed the next day. RCA releases Loving You/Teddy Bear from the film Loving You, and this makes Elvis’s eighth million seller. Loving You premiered July 9th and Elvis does not attend due to multiple death threats. When the film officially opens nationally, it is sold out everywhere.

Hound Dog

(Tupelo, MS – September, 1957)

After a much needed resting period, Elvis takes on the road again beginning of September. He winds up doing a gig in Portland and the fans riot forcing him to leave the stage after only fifteen minutes. Elvis returns to the studio a few days Christmas later to begin recording songs for his Christmas album, including the hit Blue Christmas. Elvis continues to make a fortune while Scotty Moore and Bill Black are barely making ends meet. September 21st, they resign from the band. They both continue to record with Elvis on and off, Bill until 1958 and Scotty until 1969, but never as it was before. Drummer DJ Fontana continues to stay with Elvis.

Jailhouse Rock premiered on October 10th to the press and October 17th in Memphis. Elvis does not attend either premier. With the recent death of the costar in the film, Elvis cannot find it in himself to go see the movie. Elvis does a concert in L.A. October 28th and after his performance the LAPD issue a “no wiggle” rule to the concert the next night. LAPD film Elvis’s entire performance the next night to try and bust the singer, however, Elvis holds back and the show goes on as planned.

Blue Christmas

By November, Jailhouse Rock album is selling so well it will reach over a million copies sold. He sails to Hawaii to perform and the venue is sold out. After his performance in Hawaii, he heads to Los Angeles to perform for the men in the Army. November 19th, The Elvis Christmas Album is released and happens to be the highest selling Christmas album of all time.

On December 19th, Elvis receives his formal notification of induction into the United States Army. He is ordered to report on January 20th, 1958 at 7:45am. He’s scheduled to begin shooting King Creole January 13th. He wants to do his responsibility, but shutting down production will cost the studio several hundred thousand dollars. The draft board grants Elvis a 60-day extension so her can finish the film and will report March 20th, 1958. Elvis is on top of the world with his career. It is just starting to take off and the fear of losing it all because he is entering the Army is sitting on his shoulders. Though he wants to contribute, he fears his fans will forget all about him. Not if The Colonel has anything to say about it, he always has a plan.


Little Sister

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