Easy Come, Easy Go (1967)

Easy Come Easy Go

Easy Come Easy Go

“You’re all the treasure I’m dreaming of”

First of all, this movie is not the greatest. Some really amazing songs came from this movie, but the script itself is not good; however it is enjoyable. Easy Come, Easy Go was released March 22, 1967. It was produced by Hal Wallis and was directed by John Rich. This musical comedy was the final movie produced by Hal Wallis. With a budget of $2 million, the film only made $1.95 million at the box office. Released by Paramount Pictures, this film did not do very well. This film and Double Trouble, which was released 13 days later, were probably the worst of the 31 Elvis films ever released. (Double Trouble taking the first place for worst Elvis movie).

Easy Come, Easy Go

Elvis stars as Lieutenant Ted Jackson who is a former U.S. Navy frogman. Yet, he is currently juggling two jobs. One job being a deep sea diver and the other, being quite opposite, is a nightclub singer.

Love Machine

While doing research, he discovers what he believes to be a fortune in Spanish  gold which is on a sunken ship and decides to find it.With the help of a go-go dancer/yoga expert Jo Symington (portrayed by Dodie Marshall) and friend Judd Whitman (portrayed by Pat Harrington, Jr.) they decide to search for the treasure themselves.Easy Come Easy Go Due to the troubles they encounter, it is unsure if they will be successful. Since after the treasure as well is Gil Carey (Skip Ward) and his girlfriend Dina Bishop (Pat Priest)

You Gotta Stop

(I actually really love this song)

Gil is determined to mess up Ted’s plan and make sure he finds the god for himself. After must dismay, Ted winds up finding the gold on the ship.

I’ll Take Love

Elvis actually sings a song about Yoga. This seems like a good thing for those who like Yoga, but it is pretty awful. Elvis does an amazing job at singing it, but the song itself is just not worth listening too. (It is so bad, I am not even including it in the post.)

The movie is kind of all over the place. That may have been the purpose since Jo was all over the place, but it just did not seem like something Elvis should have been in. I love the man title song, but for the rest of the film, it just really was not worth the time. I would rather watch any other movie than this one.

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