Live A Little, Love A Little (1968)


Live A Little, Love A Little released October 23rd, 1968. This was the last film that Norman Taurog would ever direct, as he went blind shortly after making. This is a musical comedy has Elvis sharing the screen with Rudy Vallee, who was a legendary singer from the 1920s, and he did not sing in this film. Live A Little, Love A Little was based on the novel Kiss Firm but Pliant Lips by Dan Greenburg.

Wonderful World

Elvis stars as Greg Nolan who is a photographer working for a L.A. newspaper. Greg is enjoying the beach when he is interrupted by Bernice (portrayed by Michele Carey) and her Great Dane, Albert. Greg clearly wants to be left alone, but Bernice has other plans. She directs Albert to chase Greg into the water and does not let him come out until dark. After spending so much time in the water, Greg takes ill and Bernice takes him to her beach house for him to rest. While recovering, Greg sleeps for days and when he finally wakes up he tries to reenter his life. He finds that he has been fired from his job at the newspaper and also loses his apartment.

Scene from Live A Little, Love A Little

Crazy Bernice had Greg moved out of his apartment while he was at her beach house. As a result, he is forced to move in with Bernice for a few days. Greg begins having weird nightmares because of what was happening. Bernice was surrounded by people who knew her by different names and Greg was getting quite confused.

The Edge Of Reality

(If you can get past the extremely weird dream sequence, this song is incredible I absolutely love Elvis’s performance with this song. He does moves that remind me of his earlier years. You can also skip over the weird beginning part. Just think of how Elvis felt making this.)

Bernice’s ex-boyfriend Harry (Dick Sargent) always hangs around and manages to get in the way. With all the madness occurring, Greg goes to find two jobs as a commercial photographer for two opposing firms in the same building. One is a very classy magazine while the other is closely related to Playboy. Both bosses are very different, Mike Lansdown (Don Porter) is very liberal and informal while Penlow (Rudy Vallee) is very strict and conservative, causing Greg to change his appearance, habits, and personality.

Celebrating his two new jobs, Bernice finds Greg a new house and goes over with Harry for a dinner. Since Greg and Harry never really got along, the dinner did not last very long.

A Little Less Conversation

Bernice returns a few days later telling Greg she has left Harry and the beach house for good. Because of this decision, she has nowhere to go and moves in with Greg.

Scene from Live A Little, Love A Little

(Elvis is in the shower, reason enough to post this)

There is only one bedroom and Greg places a board between the two of them in the one bed. After restraining themselves for so long, they end up together and Greg breaks the board.

I’m Almost In Love Tonight

Confused over what to do, Bernice runs away. Greg follows her and finds her at the beach where he tells her he loves her. Bernice, Greg, and Albert all live happily ever after. To have his revenge for their meeting, Greg has Albert chase Bernice into the water and Greg runs in the water after her to have a romantic kiss as the finale.

I always enjoyed this movie growing up. I never really had the idea I would end up with anyone so I just assumed I would be like crazy Bernice on the beach with a giant dog (St. Bernard) and if I found Elvis I would probably try to trap him too. Though this movie has some pretty strange scenes (everything leading up to Edge of Reality – absolutely love that song), it was still a very enjoyable movie. Elvis is just so cool in this movie, between him juggling two jobs and just being overly confident, it is hard not to find him extremely attractive.


Little Sister

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