Roustabout (1964)


“There’s a brand new day on the horizon and the whole world’s gonna be mine”

Roustabout was released November 11, 1964. This was another Hal Wallis Production. Roustabout is actually a term used traditionally to describe a 698 circus or fairground worker. The soundtrack to the movie was one of Elvis’s most successful albums, reaching number 1 on the Billboard Album Chart. Though the movie did not have the best reviews from Variety, the screenplay was nominated for a Writers Guild of America award for best written American musical. During filming, Elvis actually had an accident while doing one of his own stunts during a fight scene and injured himself.

The movie begins with Charlie Rogers (portrayed by Elvis) is fired after getting into a brawl. Following a night in jail, he decides to get on the road.

Poison Ivy League

While on his drive, he sees a pretty girl (Cathy, portrayed by Joan Freeman) in a car and rides his motorcycle next to them trying to get her attention. Annoyed by his attempts, her father Joe (Leif Erikson) forces Charlie off the road wrecking his bike. Maggie (portrayed by Barbara Stanwyck), who is Joe’s employer and also in the car, offers Charlie a job while his motorcycle is being repaired.

The group works as a traveling carnival. Maggie discovers Charlie’s musical talents and decides to promote his to feature attraction. With his amazing talent, he draws in a much-needed crowd and starts to save the carnival.

Hard Knocks

Charlie romances Cathy and Joe is not happy about this relationship. After a situation with a guest, Charlie is accused of holding on to a wallet that Joe was accused of stealing. Consequently, Charlie decides to leave and work at a better-financed show at their rival carnival. (Elvis performs this song again during the ’68 Comeback Special)

Little Egypt

He learns that Maggie is facing bankruptcy and returns to the carnival to try and save it. As a result, he is reunited with Cathy and has a happy ending.

There’s A Brand New Day On The Horizon

I remember watching this movie very often as a child. I had received it for Christmas on VHS and watched it. At the time, this was one of the only Elvis movies I owned and I played it until it was completely ruined. I loved how Elvis was rough around the edges in this movie and needed Cathy to calm him down. While as a little girl, I always thought I could help tame Elvis.

This song was cut from the movie, and honestly, even though I wish it would have been the main title song. It is so good.

I’m A Roustabout


Little Sister

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