Favorite Elvis Songs from the 1960s

Favorite Elvis Songs from the 1960s

Favorite Elvis Songs of the 1960s

Through the bulk of the 1960s, Elvis was creating movies. Even though some movies were amazing and contained hit songs, the majority was not up to the standard Elvis had in mind. By 1968, things began to change for Elvis with what we now call the ’68 Comeback Special.

Sporting a black leather suit and looking better than Elvis, he was singing music he loved once again in front of a live audience. Elvis was indeed back. The years 1968 and 1969 were changing years for Elvis’ music and sound.

Now able to sing songs he wanted to sing and had a connection with, the evolution of Elvis in the 1960s is something to really examine. Which I will do in a later post – for now, here are my Top 5 Elvis Songs of the 1960s (this was not easy at all):

  1. Such a Night

When Elvis got back from his time in the Army, he was ready to hit the ground running. The excitement that is generated every time I hear this song is honestly why it is on this list. I cannot help but feel super pumped. His vocals are on point and this song really showcases his range.

  1. In the Ghetto

One of Elvis’s more meaningful songs, I feel like there was a deep connection between Elvis and this song. From his humble beginnings, it is a wonder what went on in his mind when he shot up to fame. Despite becoming so incredibly famous, he never lost sight of where he came from. He devoted himself to making a difference in people’s lives and instilled that in his daughter, Lisa Marie, by how he lived his life. Between the vocals and the message of the song, this is truly one of the best.

  1. Inherit the Wind

I have an extreme obsession with the album “From Elvis In Memphis”. After the special that aired, what we now call The ’68 Comeback Special, Elvis was excited to record music again. Taking control of the songs he recorded, this album is truly life-changing. Elvis’s vocals in the late 60s were proving to be his best. In the prime of his life, Elvis was back and the world was ready to love him again.

  1. Any Day Now

Also off of the “From Elvis In Memphis” album, this cover is on my top 5 favorite Elvis songs of all time. You can truly feel the passion and desperate state in Elvis’s voice when singing this song. I definitely have related to this song knowing I am with someone who deserves better – which is another reason I love this song so much. I could listen to this on repeat all day and still not get enough of it.

  1. If I Can Dream


There could only be one choice for number one song in the 60s. In fact, this song is the best Elvis song ever. In my opinion, but I’m pretty sure others would relate. The urgency of the message and his vocals continue to make this song relatable 50 years later. Times have certainly changed since 1968, but not enough to make this song not pertain to today. This song is the hope every generation needs during hard times.

Honorable Mentions:

It’s Now Or Never

Suspicious Minds

Can’t Help Falling In Love

Let Yourself Go

A Mess of Blues

It Hurts Me

There are so many songs to choose from in the 1960s. This was not an easy list to make, but it was definitely fun to narrow down. In the 1960s Elvis went through so many changes – vocals, looks, music – that made these selections even more difficult.

Tell me am I getting through by leaving a comment of your favorite Elvis songs from the 1960s!

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