(It’s A) Long Lonely, Highway


“But you gotta keep on goin’, on that road to nowhere”

My life consisted of me trying to find my path, as like any other person. I tried doing things as others had in the past but found myself not happy. Not understanding what my purpose was on this earth, I wanted to make a change and find my path.  I will say, even years later, I am still unsure what that path is. (It’s a) Long Lonely Highway gave me insight that I very much needed.

(It’s A) Long, Lonely Highway

Elvis’s main title song to Follow That Dream, pushed me to follow my dreams. (It’s a) Long Lonely Highway was so true and helpful to my situation because when I picked up and went to Florida I was alone. Though I was only to be gone for 4 months to attempt to get my life together, it has turned into 3 ½ years of getting on a path that led me to my happiness. Funny enough, my highway is no longer lonely. My loneliness led me to myself. There are many Elvis songs that have helped on my journey, but this song made me feel better about being alone. (And since it was mentioned, here’s Follow That Dream.)

Follow That Dream

Being single was a blessing. It was one of the things that prepared me for being in a relationship. Figuring out what I wanted and what would make me happy really helped. I loved living in Florida and being surrounded by a life that I had chosen for myself. It was terrifying to be alone and I missed my family, but this is a path that I had to be on. “You gotta keep on going on that road to nowhere”. The road to nowhere led me to exactly what would make me happier and I could not be more grateful. One of those things was this blog and I love doing this blog so much.



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