14 Most Romantic Elvis Songs – Prepare For Valentine’s Day

Most Romantic Elvis Songs for Valentine's Day

Most Romantic Elvis Songs for Valentine's Day

It is no secret that Elvis is the King of Rock ‘n Roll. That being said, with his repertoire of songs, he also happens to be the King of Romance. Most women Elvis fans will tell you, how influential an Elvis love song can be to the mood of the evening.

If you are hoping for a romantic evening and afraid of being lonesome that night, get the mood right with the perfect Elvis Love Songs.

I would say you can’t go wrong with an Elvis love song, but you actually can. Though Elvis can make any song seem like he’s singing it directly to you, not every love song is romantic or happy.

To avoid choosing the wrong songs for the evening, and ruining your night, here is some help. I have created a list of 14 Romantic Elvis Love Songs. Add this to your Spotify playlist and you’ll be ready to romance the Elvis fan in your life.

14. Love Me Tender

Elvis’s first motion picture was Love Me Tender. Though the film itself may lack in romance, the title song does not. This sweet and, well, tender love song can set the evening up right.

TIP: When adding this to your playlist, ensure you are adding the correct one. You would rather have Elvis say, “You have made my life complete” instead of “life a wreck”.

13. Fever

Elvis is the King of a lot of things. (In my mind.) Adding to the list would be King of Sexy. That’s exactly what this song brings to the table. The slow jazzy feel combined with the deep whisper of Elvis’s sultry vocal, this song will give your night a special spark.

 12. I Just Can’t Help Believin’

If you want to make sure that this time the girl is gonna stay, add this song to your playlist. It is important to make your Valentine feel special. This song will do just that. If you are in disbelief that your loved one is actually yours, let them know.

 11. As Long As I Have You


I think we can all agree that life is not easy. At all. Something about having that special someone in your life makes the most difficult thing seem possible to overcome. Having the one you love makes you feel like you have everything you could ever want. This song is just that. “Take the love that I bring, and I’ll have everything. As long as I have you.”

 10. Young and Beautiful

Even if you and your significant are no longer “young” that doesn’t mean you aren’t young at heart. Reminding that special someone how beautiful they are can make your romantic night that much better. This slow, sweet song is great for taking your loved one by the hand and dancing slowly into the night. Take advantage of such a romantic moment.

 9. It’s Impossible

Constantly having your significant other on your mind is something not everyone can honestly admit to. Letting that person know that, especially with Elvis Presley singing them, how could they not believe you. So many things in this world are a constant and impossible to stop from occurring, just as it is impossible to forget about the one you love.

 8. Let It Be Me

Oh gosh this song. I could cry just thinking about it. From the moment the song begins, “God bless the day I found you, I want to stay around you,” can get the romance really flowing. Just as I Just Can’t Help Believin’ can make your loved one feel special, this song can as well. Also, a perfect tune to slow dance to.

 7. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have my husband. There are times I get so overwhelmed with emotions and then it just hits me. I was in a very dark place before I met my now husband. We were set up on a blind date and the moment I met him (literally opened the door of my apartment) I knew I was going to marry him. This song always takes me back to our first date and how wonderful, perfect, and innocent it all was.

Though your love story may be different, this song can take you back to your “firsts” with your loved one. Reminiscing about a beautiful beginning to an incredible love story, your love story, creates a very romantic evening.

 6. Pledging My Love

If your love is never-ending, pledge your love to that special someone. “Making you happy is my desire, keeping you is my goal.” Let that person know you will always be there for them and will love them for as long as they allow it. Let them know they hold your heart and will forever feel your love. This Valentine’s Day, make sure they know how much they are loved.

 5. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You

The song title says it all. Being open and honest about your emotions can keep the relationship going. Though actions speak louder than words, hearing it is never a bad thing. Personally, I gave up on love until I met my husband. He gave me hope and made me believe with love all things are possible. I don’t tell him any of this enough, but I think this song says it all.

 4. And I Love You So

I honestly have no idea how I lived through life before I met my husband. This tender love song is everything I feel about my husband and how much I love him. Being able to tell your loved one just how much they help you get through life just by being there and loving you in return.

 3. The Wonder of You

Like many, I am a complicated lady. (Hence the blog titled Moody Blue.) One thing I will never understand is why my husband loves me. But he does. He continues to make me feel special. If you’re like me and in disbelief, add this song to your playlist. This will make your significant other feel special and will keep the romance going.

 2. Can’t Help Falling In Love

When you love someone, it can be impossible to slow down. Personally, I never expected to fall in love with my now husband on our first date – but I did. It changed my life forever. Each day I continue to fall more and more in love with him. This was our first dance as a married couple. The meaning of this song changed when I met him and I will forever love it.

 1.     Burning Love

I know what you’re thinking, no way this is your number one. Well, it is. If someone’s kisses can “take you higher” that’s pretty romantic. Not to mention him being a hunk, because he totally is. It may not be a conventional romantic song, but a slow song does not mean romantic

DISCLAIMER: Yes, there are Elvis Love Song CD’s. That being said, not every song on those albums are actually romantic. As wonderful as Just Pretend is, it is not a song for someone you are currently involved in. (I love that song and cry at it… a lot. But it’s not romantic.)

When making your own playlist make sure to listen to or look up the lyrics online to ensure your romance stays for the evening.

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      You crack me up! Judging me for putting “Burning Love” on the list and you think “Steamroller Blues”. I clearly need to come up with the sexiest Elvis Songs List Next…

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