You Think You Know Me Well… Teddy Bear

You Think You Know Me Well - Teddy Bear

(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear might be one of the most well-known Elvis songs to mainstream Elvis fans. For our hardcore Elvis fans, let’s see if you knew these interesting facts around this fan-favorite hit!

(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear – Elvis Presley, Loving You 1957

(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear is a well-known Elvis song to mainstream Elvis fans. For our hardcore Elvis fans, did you know these facts about Teddy Bear?

(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear was featured in the film Loving You (1957) and was a major hit at the time of its release. It topped the charts and remained there for seven-week! This song managed to make it onto the country charts and R&B Best Sellers List. This was one of the best things about Elvis and his music throughout his life. Elvis was more than Rock & Roll, he was ELVIS and could conquer any genre.

During this time, Elvis was thought of as a rebel and was having backlash to his image. For instance, Elvis was the first person to ever be censored on television with his hip-swiveling dance moves. This was an opportunity for Elvis to show more than his sexy image and display a sweet side not yet seen by the public.

Hilariously enough, in response to the song, Elvis fans bombarded his mail with teddy bears. With Elvis’s wonderful heart, the day after Christmas he donated thousands of his teddy bears to the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis.

(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear was given new life when Full House often used it as a lullaby by for Michelle sung by her Elvis-loving Uncle Jesse, portrayed by the incredible John Stamos. Let’s be real though, I was only watching Uncle Jesse.

So, Elvis fans, did any of this surprise you?

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    Fun Fact: you found a $50 bill and used it to purchase a stuffed teddy bear that actually sang this song!

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