“What a Wonderful Life” Finding Motivation in Elvis’s Music

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Somedays we may wake up in a good mood and other days not so much. If you are having a day, try listening to “What a Wonderful Life” by Elvis!

Let me start by saying the past couple of weeks have been challenging personally. I am SO excited to welcome a baby boy (aka a new Elvis fan) into the world next month, but there are a lot of things I am concerned about. As I am sure this is the case for any new parent. Sadly, I had to quit a job that I worked so hard to get at a company I have worked at on and off for the past 8 years and moved cross-country three times just to work there.

Without going into TOO much detail, it’s been a struggle. Though I knew this Elvis song already, I found a stack of Elvis albums at an antique store recently and while listening to these new additions to my collection, this song came on. It inspired me and made me feel better about ALL the changes that were happening in my life. I hope if you are in a spot similar to mine, or just moody, this song brings a smile to your face as it did to mine.

“What a Wonderful Life” lyrics here.

Lyrics that resonated with me:

1. I’ve got no job to worry me, no big bad boss to hurry me

(Gee, I wonder why…)

2. It’s a wonderful life, life’s good to me

Loving husband, best dog, about to have a baby?! Yeah, life is pretty good to me.

3. Don’t know where I’m goin’, don’t care where I’m goin’

This thought would have stressed me beyond belief a few years back, but I find it AMAZING and freeing to not have a clear path!

Take a listen to “What a Wonderful Life”:

“It’s a Wonderful Life” from Follow That Dream

Did this song resonate with you or improve your mood? Tell me if I’m getting through and let me know!

Thank you for letting me get a little personal here and talk about how Elvis helps me through all my problems. I promise the next post will be more closely aligned to Elvis History – but I am thankful for this open community of Elvis fans!

Until we meet again,

TCB and TCE,

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