Tickle Me (1965)


“Your face so rare, beyond compare, I feel that I’ve known you forever”

Tickle Me was released June 30, 1965. It is, yet again, a musical comedy. Elvis won a 1966 Golden Laurel Award as best male actor in a musical film for his performance in this movie. The Laurel Awards was to honor pictures, actors, actresses, directors and composers. It was an American cinema awards system that ran from 1957 to 1971. Allied Artists Pictures, the production company that released the film, was close to bankruptcy and because of the success of (Such An) Easy Question the production company was saved. This song reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The film made $5 million at the box office.

(Such An) Easy Question


Elvis stars as Lonnie Beale, who happens to be a champion rodeo bull-rider who is currently out of work. Struggling to make ends meet, he finds himself in Zuni Wells in search for a job opportunity. Lonnie begins singing in a club, but soon gets fired for getting into a fight. Vera Radford (Portrayed by Julie Adams) sees his performance and hires him to take care of horses at her ranch, Circle Z.

It Feels So Right

Circle Z is a place for actresses and models go to lose weight and get in shape. Pam Merritt (Jocelyn Lane), works at the ranch as a fitness instructor. She begins to get annoyed by the constant disruption of Lonnie’s singing and urges him to discontinue.

Dirty, Dirty Feeling


Lonnie ends up following Pam to a ghost town nearby and learns there is hidden treasure from one of her relatives. With this new information, Pam is nearly abducted, and Lonnie saves her. Pam and Lonnie fall for one another, but Vera throws herself at Lonnie and of course Pam walks in. Lonnie tries making it up to Pam, but she is not having it.

I Feel That I’ve Known You Forever

Rodeo season starts again and Lonnie is back to work. With how things ended with Pam, Lonnie is not doing well. Whenever he calls her, she hangs up. He continues to write to her, but she sends it back marked “Return to Sender” (see what they did there). One of Lonnie’s friend from the ranch, Stanley, finds him and talks him into going to Pam.

Once they reach Circle Z, they see Pam on her way to the ghost town. They then follow her and find them all stranded in the town during a very intense storm. The hotel they are stranded in seems to be haunted and very strange things continue to occur. Eventually, it is determined that the “ghosts” are actually masked men trying to get the treasure.

Stanley, being the clumsy person that he is, stumbles upon the treasure. Lonnie and Pam get married and have a huge reception at the Circle-Z having a very happy ending.

I do love this movie. It has an amazing soundtrack and a lighthearted story. This movie did scare me though when I was younger. It reminds me now of a cheesy Scooby-Doo episode, but I absolutely love it. I posted this song a few days ago as being one of my favorites because it helped me on a path to finding my happiness! Because of that, I have to share it again.

Long, Lonely Highway


Little Sister

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