Let Us Say I Do (1967)


“Let’s walk up to the preacher and let us say I do”

-Lyrics to Don’t Be Cruel, 1956

After his very giving Christmas the year before, Elvis goes into January with the same giving heart. In January, he decided everyone should have their own horse. Therefore, he ends up buying seventeen. One designated for Priscilla, one for every person in 1968-february-10a his family, and one for everyone in the Memphis Mafia. The horses are kept in the stables at Graceland and are rode around the grounds of the home. Due to the contract ending, it is time for a renegotiation between Elvis and The Colonel. The new agreement for the next ten years (ending December 31st, 1976) is that they will split all the earnings 50/50. This does not go well for Elvis, as a result, there is an argument. But The Colonel urges that Elvis is his only client and must make a living. In conclusion, he needs more money as he [The Colonel] does more work.

Graceland continues to become crowded with the added go-karts, multiple cars, motorcycles, and of course the new horses. Because of this, Elvis decided to expand by purchasing a ranch in Mississippi for $300,000. He names it Circle G and buys stock so he can go into the cattle business. Having just bought a jet, Elvis decided to take that to Nashville when he goes to the studio to record for his next movie Clambake. By March, he is headed to Hollywood to begin filming. On March 10th, the set is closed down because Elvis trips on an extension cord and hits his head on the bathtub. He ended up suffering a minor concussion and is ordered by the studio to rest. The film is delayed for three weeks so he returns to Memphis to rest.

Big Boss Man

Easy Come, Easy Go opens and the reviews are good. A few days later How Great That Art is on the charts and remains there for 29 weeks. With the success of the film and the song, Elvis returned to continue filming for Clambake. Priscilla’s parents make their way to Hollywood and watch the filming in Los Angeles. Double Trouble opened April 5th and the reviews are not that bad for Elvis. The film just was not the best. Filming for Clambake ends April 27th and wedding planning began.

Elvis and Priscilla head to Palm Springs. Priscilla’s parents arrive April 29th. On May 1st, a press conference is held at 1:00pm. Prior to the press conference, Elvis, Priscilla, and a small group fly out of Palm Springs heading to Las Vegas. Arriving at 3:20am, they head to the County Clerk’s office to get a marriage license. The couple is married in a civil ceremony in the Aladdin Hotel at 9:41am. Finally, they return to Palm Springs and enjoy their honeymoon. Many of his close friends were not in attendance and this causes issues between the close-knit group. There were issues with the film Clambake and the honeymoon is interrupted to fix the film.

Elvis and Priscilla’s Wedding


May 2nd the newlyweds return to Memphis. They buy their first home together in Los Angeles. Before Elvis had always rented. The home cost approximately $400,000. With the riding of the horses throughout the grounds of Graceland, it has attracted some onlookers. Elvis learns of seven-year-old Kim Sparks who watches him ride all the time and buys the young girl her very own horse. He personally delivers the pony to her house on her birthday.

Continuing to celebrate their wedding celebration, another reception is held for those who were unable to attend their ceremony in Las Vegas. The staff at Graceland throws a shower268b0ee4a7982e4c365ba50d89bad77d for Priscilla and a few days later the Presley’s fly back to Palm Springs. June 19th Elvis heads into the recording studio to prep for his next film Speedway. The soundtrack for Double Trouble remains on the chart for 19 weeks. Filming begins June 26th. In wedded bliss, Elvis and Priscilla announce on July 13th that Priscilla is expecting and is due February 1968. Filming concludes for Speedway August 26th.

High Heel Sneakers

Elvis heads to Nashville to record singles including Big Boss Man, You’ll Never Walk Alone, Guitar Man, and High Heel Sneakers. There was a vandal on the premises at Graceland that set fire to a Jeep. Elvis’s friend, Joe Esposito put out the fire. The next day Elvis gets into a fist fight with a loud, drunk yardman at Graceland. It seems like there is no real reason why this occurred. While all the craziness occurring, Governor Buford proclaims September 29th Elvis Presley Day in the state of Tennessee.

On October 2nd Elvis goes into the studio to record songs for his next film Stay Away, Joe. Filming for the movie begins October 9th in Los Angeles. While filming, there is an auction held at Graceland November 5th. A few days later Vernon notices a go-kart was missing and increases security due to the theft. Filming for Stay Away, Joe completes November 18th. The next day RCA released the LP of Clambake. Clambake opens November 22nd to some of the worst reviews an Elvis movie has ever received. Elvis is continuingly getting frustrated with these films he is forced to make and the reviews are beginning to take a toll on Elvis.

Elvis Talking About Movie Career

Elvis returns home to Memphis just in time for the holiday season. The Colonel buys up 30 minutes of airtime on 3,000 radio stations just to say Merry Christmas. In the Christmas spirit, Elvis gives Priscilla a Cadillac Fleetwood limo. Elvis and his family enjoy a quiet Christmas and a very quiet New Years with eight-month pregnant Priscilla. Since Elvis was becoming more and more frustrated with the scripts of the films he was in, he wanted a change. Most of all, Elvis wants to get back on the road and tour as he did when his career first started. He wants to make something of himself again. 1968 is a year of change for Elvis. The future is so bright for Elvis. Most of all, he will get to make the music he wishes.


Little Sister

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