“The Lady Loves Me” (1963)


“The lady loves me, but she doesn’t know it yet”

– Lyrics from The Lady Loves Me, 1963.

The beginning of 1963 was busy as usual for Elvis, but was able to spend time with Priscilla before beginning filming. Since Priscilla’s presence in Memphis, Elvis was beginning to be influences by her sweet-natured 1963-ca-elvis-cilla-02copy attitude. Elvis has become politer to those in the house and more protective of Priscilla. Though Elvis had been seeing Anita Wood sense 1957, Priscilla influenced him to stop seeing her. Anita had been around for many other flings, but Elvis was serious about this relationship. By the middle of the month, Elvis heads back to studio in order to record songs for his upcoming film Fun In Acapulco. (This included one of my favorites, Bossa Nova.) Filming begins for Fun In Acapulco January 28th in L.A. and then later moves on to Mexico.

There were rumors going around that Elvis was having a relationship with his costar in the film, Ursula Andress. Elvis continues to party during the filming and stays until early April, even though filming was already over. mv5bmtqzmjixndy3mv5bml5banbnxkftztywmdiwnzi2-_v1_sx640_sy720_ RCA announced in April that Elvis has sold over 100 million records. It Happened At The World’s Fair premiered April 10th and has mixed reviews from critics. Though he has returned to Memphis after his long stint in L.A., he spends most of his time in the studio during the month of April and most of May.

June 14th, Priscilla graduates from high school at Immaculate Heart. Once she had graduated, she attends Memphis’ Patricia Stevens Finishing 1377665454-1 School. Elvis’s latest hit is Devil In Disguise and is high on the chart. Elvis begins recording for his next film, Viva Las Vegas. July 11th, Elvis records his duet with Ann-Margaret in the studio. This is when their relationship began. Elvis and his crew head to Las Vegas for filming, leaving Priscilla back in Memphis. They remain in Vegas until July 27th when the crew heads to LA to complete the film. Elvis continues to deny the relationship with Ann-Margaret in order to convince Priscilla nothing was happening.

Devil In Disguise

His latest album, Elvis’s Gold Records-Vol 3 remains on the chart for 40 weeks. Elvis finds he has some time on his hands during the month of September so he starts his own football team, Elvis Presley, Enterprises. October starts and Elvis is in the studio again recording for his next film Kissin’ Cousins. He begins filming early in the month and concludes 2 weeks later. There is little room for error and Elvis has a very tight budget time-wise. His songs are not doing the best on the charts by the time November begins. Elvis returns to Graceland and relaxes around the city and buys another Rolls Royce. He manages to donate to charities, as he does every holiday season. The quiet Christmas at Graceland and the feelings around the nation have shifted as they have lost their president to an assassination. The news affected Elvis heavily and begins to seek answers in spirituality.


Little Sister

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