Double Trouble (1967)

Elvis Double Trouble Poster

Elvis Double Trouble Poster

“Could I fall in love and forever be true, my heart tells me I could if I fell for you”

Elvis stars in Double Trouble, which is the worst Elvis movie ever. This movie was released April 5th, 1967. It was directed again by Norman Taurog and produced by Irwin Winkler and Judd Bernard. Double Trouble reached #58 on the top grossing films of 1967. Elvis was paid $750,000 plus 40% of the profits.

Baby, If You’ll Give Me All Your Love

Elvis stars as Guy Lambert, who is a singer on his way to London. The carefree bachelor comes across two women, sophisticated Claire Dunham (Yvonne Romain) and Jill Conway (Annette Day).

Long Legged Girl With The Short Dress On

(Anytime I wear a shorter dress, I jam to this in my mind)

Jill’s Uncle Gerald (John Williams) invites Guy to visit to discuss his intentions with his niece. During the visit, Guy discovers that Jill is much younger than she appeared to be in the club. He tries to lose her, but she is determined to marry him. Uncle Gerald wants to end the relationship so he decides to send Jill to school in Brussels, unaware that Guy’s career is taking him there the same day.

On the way to Belgium, Jill is looking for Guy and comes across some strange tourists. Among them are Morely (Michael Murphy), Arthur Babcock (Norman Rossington), Archie Brown (Chips Rafferty), and Iceman (John Alderson). Arthur and Archie are two smugglers looking for a fall guy while Iceman is always around the corner when disaster strikes. A falling steamer trunk barely misses Jill while Guy almost drowns and it becomes clear that someone has plans to use against the couple. Claire joins the group to take a new plan and a new Frenchman (Maurice Marsac) enters the picture.

There’s So Much World To Send

Uncle Gerald arrives and Guy is arrested for kidnapping. Being separated from Jill, he worries for her since he cannot protect her. He asks a friend to keep her from danger. Though trying to help, Jill is almost asphyxiated by a deadly gas.

Guy’s friend, George (Monty Landis) is attempting to help, Guy fears he will be too late to save her. Though everything turns out to be alright, it is clear that no one is who they seem to be. Guy and Jill leave for England, thinking all is well, no knowing several of their “friends” are onboard. They make to a destination that was not a part of the travel plans and Guy and Jill end up floating on a raft with a bag full of jewels.

Double Trouble

I remember watching this movie as a little girl and being frightened. It is a pretty intense movie, but campy. With that being sad, poor Elvis sings Old MacDonald on the back of a chicken truck in the midst of an escape, making this the worst Elvis movie of all time.

Old MacDonald

Though no one can sing Old MacDonlald like Elvis can. He can make any song sound good. The soundtrack itself still contains some pretty good songs which saved this film. Poor Elvis, I could not help but feel bad for him watching that scene. He was so much better than this movie.

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