Wild in the Country (1961)


The beginning of Elvis’s career consisted of many dramatic roles. Since Elvis looked up to Marlon Brando and James Dean, he wanted to be taken seriously as an actor. Wanting to make sure Elvis was having the career he wanted, Colonel Tom Parker arranged for Elvis to star in movies that contained the depth Elvis wanted, in addition to containing songs the Colonel wanted. Though this did not last very long into his acting career, Elvis managed to show his talent through roles such as the one in Wild in the Country. Released June 15, 1961, Wild in the Country stars Elvis as Glenn Tyler. This film is based on the 1958 novel The Lost Country by J.R. Salamanca. Directed by Jerry Wald, this film is about a troubled man with a dysfunctional family trying to do right in the world.

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As a result of injuring his drunken brother in a fight, Glenn is arrested. Because of the fight, Glenn must appear in court. The court releases him on probation to his uncle. His uncle is from a small town, therefore Glenn would reside there as he gets back on his feet. Irene Sperry (portrayed by Hope Lange) is to give him psychological counselling. At this point, Glenn is marked as a trouble-maker. As a result, he is falsely suspected of various crimes including an affair with Irene.

I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell

(I personally LOVE this song)

After overcoming all the judgment and harsh treatment, he is found to be innocent. In addition to proving his innocence, Glenn leaves the small town to go to college and become a writer as he always dreamt of becoming. Library

This story is inspiring. It shows that no matter what is happening in a person’s life, they have the ability to turn it around and change it. Most of all, any person can change their destiny. It takes courage and motivation to make a dream into a reality. The best thing to do is never give up on yourself. Even with all the animosity Glenn endured, he still managed to put his life on a good track.




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    Wild in the country probably Elvis’s most underrated film it wasn’t Tennessee Williams type drama and Elvis shines as a rebellious youth with writing talents he was so great at playing Rebel and remind me of the old days Loving You Jailhouse Rock King Creole and somewhat roustabout too bad he didn’t get films more films like this during the sixties he’s good at playing this type character I wish he got rid of the colonel after Kid Galahad awesome film showed he could have done cat on the Hot Tin Roof the defiant ones and Thunder Road movies that were offered to Elvis that the colonel turn butt down what a shame Elvis was a great dramatic actor too bad he doesn’t get credit for it he was so good in this movie thank you

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