Review: HBO Documentary Elvis Presley The Searcher

Review_ HBO Documentary Elvis Presley The Searcher

Review_ HBO Documentary Elvis Presley The Searcher

HBO’s documentary, Elvis Presley: The Searcher was recently released and left Elvis fans and non-Elvis fans inspired by the life he led. From the ups and downs Elvis faced, it showcased the real and raw emotions behind the King that many knew nothing about.

Looking at his true American Dream story, it breaks your heart watching his life go from nothing to everything to hopeless. Elvis is a legend because of his talent and what he could do with music. He heard music differently from others – not in sound or with the creation of rock ‘n roll, but with music in general. He was a perfectionist and wanted to be the best he could be for his fans.

Elvis always acknowledged the artists that came before him and how he helped in the development of Rock ‘N Roll music. He was just a key player in making the sound become mainstream. Throughout his entire life, Elvis loved music. This eye-opening documentary is filled with stories about the things Elvis always wanted but was never able to do. It teaches those who love Elvis, and those who don’t, to appreciate him for the impact he had on music.

By not having a single interview on camera, it never takes away from Elvis. Though huge artists were interviewed for this, it was never a distraction from Elvis’s story. Bruce Springsteen and the late Tom Petty were among the many that gave incredible interviews about how Elvis shaped the music of today and even the influence he had on them personally.

As someone who grew up loving Elvis and learning everything there was to know about him, there was no mystery to this documentary. I knew of the struggles Elvis had faced and how unhappy he was with so many aspects of his career. One of the most annoying things about those who do not know Elvis as I do is their reaction when I tell them I am an Elvis fan.

Most people don’t recognize his raw talent or how he contributed to music. It’s always the same questions: “You know he’s dead right?”; “Do you love fat Elvis or young Elvis?”; “Didn’t he make horrible movies?”… Of all the things Elvis had done in his life and in his career, it honestly breaks my heart this is what he is “known” for. When those questions are asked, I snottily reply with: “You know you’re alive right?”; “I love Elvis…”; “Didn’t Elvis have 117 albums hit gold?”.

HBO Documentary Film “Elvis Presley: The Searcher” Promo

My hope is that people take the time to watch this documentary and learn about Elvis. If you have not watched it yet, make time to. It’s worth it. BUT be warned, have tissues at hand.

Let’s keep his life and legacy alive by celebrating all he has done for the music industry.

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