Elvis: A True American (1964)


“When I was a boy, I always saw myself as a hero in comic books and in movies. I grew up believing this dream”

-Elvis Presley

On Elvis’s 29th birthday, Elvis receives another gold record for Elvis’ Christmas Album. He heads to Nashville a few days later to record It Hurts Me and Memphis, Tennessee. Two men were arrested on January 25th posing as a priest, who attempted to enter Graceland and possibly potomac_horizontalresponsive murder Elvis. At the time, Elvis was in Los Angeles.

Elvis was a very charitable man, as he came from nothing and wanted to do good for those who needed it. He bought the old presidential yacht, Potoma, for a March of Dimes benefit. Purchased for $55,0000, but the charity ends up denying it because they claimed the yacht unsafe as it was built in 1934. Elvis attempted to give the yacht to the Coast Guard, but they end up turning it down as well. Ultimately, Elvis gives it to a friend, Danny Thomas. (The Potoma, ends up sinking in 1981.)

Memphis, Tennessee

February 9th, The Beatles make their appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. Elvis was the beginning of this new music sound and though he was not doing the best on the charts, Elvis had a threat to his sound. The country is taking on to The Beatles and they Elvis wants to release music that means something, but The Colonel does not let Elvis “waste time” by ed-sullivan_the-ed-sullivan-show_hd_768x432-16x9 not making a film. A movie is what makes the most money for them all. So on February 24th, Elvis enters the studio and begins cutting songs for Roustabout. Kissin’ Cousins opens March 6th nationally and the same day Viva Las Vegas is released as a single in Great Britain to compete with the current height.

The Colonel decides to try and compete with the hype of The Beatles. He has Elvis receive awards and medals to show he is a true American. Later in the week, filming for Roustabout begins in Los Angeles. Because of filming, he misses a ceremony that gives Elvis the “First Americanism Award”. This happens 8 years after he is ridiculed and protested against. Though The Beatles are continuing to do well and the hype is not dying down. That does not stop the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain to give Elvis “Performer of the Year”.

Viva Las Vegas

Filming for Girl Happy, begins June 5th. He does not begin cutting records until June 16th. The next day, June 17th, Viva Las Vegas was released nationally and has mixed reviews. The chemistry between Elvis ac5a2417e3a66cd77fb8df2d06b143a6 and costar Ann-Margaret was undeniable. On location filming in Fort Lauderdale begins in July for Girl Happy and they remain there until August. Elvis returns to Memphis after being gone for over eight months. Elvis was made an honorary sheriff of Shelby Country, Tennessee by childhood friend Sheriff Bill Morris. Growing up, Elvis wanted to become a sheriff and actually debated joining the Memphis police in high school.

For Elvis’s next film, Tickle Me, he signed a contract which made him give up riding a motorcycle during the filming. They begin filming October 12th. Roustabout opens November 11th and the film actually receives pretty good reviews for Elvis’s performance. The LP of Roustabout stays on the charts for 27 weeks and even reaches #1. Filming for Tickle Me concludes December 3rd giving Elvis time to return to Memphis, TN for Christmas. By Christmas of 1964, Elvis’s Christmas Album had sold over 800,000 copies since its release in 1957.


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