“Hollywood Wasn’t Ready For Me” (1962)


“I went to Hollywood. My next move was to Hollywood, that’s how it works. I wasn’t ready for that town and they weren’t ready for me”

– Elvis Quote, 1956

Elvis begins the year relaxing at Graceland in Memphis. For his birthday, Colonel Parker gets Elvis a car. The end of the month, Can’t Help Falling In Love, reached #1 and was Elvis’s 29th gold record. 1962 continues to have a relaxing beginning. March 10th Good Luck Charm hits number 1 and remains on the chart for thirteen weeks. With the success of his recording career, Elvis makes his way back into the studio on March 18th. Two days later, Elvis heads to L.A. to begin filming Girls Girls Girls. The record for the film was cut March 26th, containing 11 songs.

Can’t Help Falling In Love

There never really seems to be a real break from making movies for the next few years. April 7th, Elvis travels to Hawaii for on-location training for Girls Girls Girls . Though it is exhausting for Elvis, trade papers reported in early May that he is the biggest box-office draw in the movies. May 23rd, Follow That Dream opens nationally and does not have the best of reviews. As usual, the fans love Elvis. The Colonel will not let Elvis make films which do not include him singing. Blue Hawaii makes it Elvis’s 30th gold record.

Good Luck Charm

Elvis takes a nice month long break in June to July. He rents movie theaters and begins his habit of staying up all night and sleeping all day creating his addiction to sleep medication. The Memphis Mafia is forced to get adjusted to Elvis’s schedule and it messes up their entire personal lives. Since Elvis still is not a fan of flying with the incident that occurred in the 50s, Elvis buys a Greyhound bus and customized it in order to make the trip between Memphis and Los Angeles. August 27th, It Happened At The World’s Fair begins production in Los Angeles and later travels to Seattle for on location filming.

Kid Galahad opens August 29th and the audience seems to take to this film. Critics give it some of the best reviews since King Creole. He has a successful month with completing the filming of It Happened At The World’s Fair in September. Since Priscilla had left, Elvis had been trying to find a way to convince her father to let her move to Memphis. There was much negotiation and convincing. The agreement was Priscilla would have her own room and would graduate high school. Priscilla was allowed to move into Vernon and Dee’s house near Graceland.


Girls Girls Girls opens nationally and the title song hits the chart and remains there for 37 weeks only reaching #3. Elvis loved Christmas and was so excited to spend this time with Priscilla, his family, friends, and gives Priscilla a diamond ring.


Little Sister

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