Follow That Dream (1962)

Elvis Presley Follow That Dream 1962

“You gotta follow that dream wherever that dream may lead”

Released April 11, 1962, Follow That Dream was another musical for Elvis. Much like his other films, this movie was based off a novel from 1959 Pioneer, Go Home! By Richard P. Powell. The movie itself reached number five on the Variety Weekly Box Office.

Elvis portrays Toby, son of Pop Kwimper (Arthur O’Connell) who are Palm tree part of a vagabond family. They travel with Pop’s various “adopted” children. They are on their way to Florida when Pop makes his way to an unopened section of the highway. The vehicle runs out of gas and nineteen-year-old Holly Jones (Anne Helm) persuades Toby into talking to Pop about taking up residence on the land next to that road. Holly gets an idea from a fisherman to build a catering business to sports fisherman.

Follow That Dream

Toby rejects the advances of a social worker Alisha Claypoole (Joanna Moore), and in turn, she goes to court to have the children taken away. Calling the home an eyesore, her government boyfriend wants to evict them. With that area of land being outside the jurisdiction of any law enforcement, two gamblers set up a casino in a trailer leaving Toby to deal with armed thugs. Toby is quick which wins over the judge and the family is able to return to their new land and home.


This movie is not my favorite. I will say it is not the worst either. There are some Elvis films I have to watch because I am an Elvis fan. With that being said, the title song to this film that has gotten me through quite a lot. It helped me see that I could do more than I thought and gave me the courage to pursue a journey I never knew was possible. Moving to Florida on my own because of a dream I had was terrifying. Thanks to this song, I found the courage I needed to take a leap of faith.



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