Kid Galahad (1962)

Kid Galahad 2

“Home is where the heart is and my heart is anywhere you are”

Released August 11, 1962 (honestly this movie could not have been for tomorrow?), Kid Galahad star Elvis as Walter Gulick. This film was released by United Artists. It was a remake of a 1937 movie starring Edward G. Robinson, Bette Davis, and Humphrey Bogart. The original film was directed by Michael Curtiz, who directed King Creole.

King Of The Whole Wide World

Though the movie focuses on Walter, Willy Grogan has much of the focus throughout the film. Since Walter was recently discharged from the Army, he was looking for work. Working on old cars gives him joy, which is why his goal is to become a mechanic. Willy is a boxing promoter and owns Grogan’s Gaelic Gardens Inn. Very much in debt, Elvis and Joan he spends his time trying to find ways to make money and does not pay much attention to his girlfriend Dolly.

Finding out Willy is in trouble, his sister Rose shows up. Rose is portrayed by Joan Blackman (also leading lady in Blue Hawaii). Walter and Rose fall in love and Willy becomes overly protective of his sister. Excuse me while I melt during these next two songs. I love them so much.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

I Got Lucky


Walter becomes a big-time boxer with never having any desire to box; he was just saving money. They referred to him as Kid Galahad. Getting mixed up with gangsters, Willy is stuck. The gangsters are persuading him to make sure Galahad loses the fight. After a terrible confrontation, Willy sees he was wrong in his ways. Galahad is victorious in the end and wins big.

This film is one of my absolute favorites. Between the story, Elvis’s KidGalahadStandup1 performance, the performance of the cast, and the soundtrack made this movie so good to watch. Sometimes I put on Elvis movies while I am writing or getting ready for my day, just to have something on in the background. It never fails, when this movie is playing I have to stop and just watch it. Though watching Elvis get beat up and bleed everywhere is extremely difficult, watching him win makes it all worth it. Top 5 favorite Elvis movie for sure. (I have listed 4/5 so far!)



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    I love Kid Galahad that’s my favorite Elvis movie Wild in the country in flaming star are also my other two favorites I wish you made more movies like these three during the 60s he was a underrated actor Kid Galahad had a great cast great soundtrack and Elvis did a great job acting wonderful movie I love your comments on Elvis’s movies thank you

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