Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962)


“I’m just a red-blooded boy and I can’t stop thinking about Girls!”

Though Elvis movies are mocked periodically for their campy storylines, this film was nominated for a Golden Globe in 1962. Released November 21, 1962, this musical comedy stars Elvis as Ross Carpenter. The film earned $2.6 million at the box office. Return to Sender, which is featured in the movie, reached number 2 on the Billboard pop singles chart.

Main Title Song

Ross Carpenter is a poor Hawaiian fisherman who dreams of owning his own boat. After finding out his boss is retiring, he becomes determined to find a way to buy the Westwind. The Westwind is a boat he built with his father. Ross finds himself in a love triangle with club singer Robin (Stella Stevens), and the very sweet Laurel (Laurel Goodwin).

Return to Sender

A man makes a pass to Laurel and Ross ends up punching him. Come to find out, he punched Wesley Johnson who owns the boat he is trying toHello Elvis buy. Because of the confrontation, Ross loses out on buying his boat back. Laurel has kept a secret from Ross and he must choose between her and Robin. (Also, notice anything about this picture?? I’m not sure about Ross, but I am thinking Elvis probably would have chosen Laurel.)

I personally love this film. It is not in my top 5, but top 10 for sure. I love the character Elvis portrays. Elvis has a way of making his characters look cool even if they are not. There is something about him in that opening scene wearing all black and the captain hat. I just love me some Elvis!



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