Speedway (1968)


“Take a real deep breath and put your warm red lips on mine”

Elvis stars in his 27th film Speedway. Released June 12th, 1968, this musical action film was directed by Norman Taurog and produced by Douglas elvis and nancy Laurence with the production company being MGM. For the production of the film, Elvis was paid $850,000 plus 50% of the profits. The budget for the film was $3 million and the box office made $2 million. Speedway stars Elvis as a race driver and the film had many extras who were top stock-car drivers of that time including Richard Petty, Buddy Baker, Cale Yarborough, and Tiny Lund. On the bright-side, it was the last of the same after same musicals he had been making. The remaining movies had a more adult tone to them and less music. Unfortunately, this movie was a flop.



Elvis stars as Steve Grayson, who is a race driver, that feels the need to help any person out of a financial hardship. Steve’s manager, Kenny Donford (Bill Bixby), is a compulsive gambler and has been mismanaging Steve’s winnings in order to support his own addiction.

Let Yourself Go

(Sexiest Elvis song ever)


Because Steve is unaware, it causes him to be in trouble when the IRS begins investigating the race car driver. There has been a nonpayment of back taxes and it has caused many of Steve’s items to be repossessed. Not only is this an issue for Steve, but also those he has assisted.

Susan Jacks (portrayed by Nancy Sinatra), is the IRS agent assigned to watch Steve and his spending of money. Her job is to make sure that if Steve wins the race, that he pays the prize money toward his $150,000 debt. Trouble for her occurs when she begins to fall for him.

Who Are You? Who Am I?

As much as she fights it, she cannot help but fall for kind-hearted Steve. They manage to work past the issues and find a happy ending.

There Ain’t Nothing Like A Song

I always loved this movie growing up. Though I watch it now and think some parts of it are stupid (Nancy’s scene singing for instance), I still enjoy it. There is a family of young girls in the movie and Elvis is so very sweet to them. Also, one of my favorite Elvis songs (I call it a sexy Elvis song) is in this movie… so that increases my likeness for the film. (Let Yourself Go).


Little Sister

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