If I Can Dream


“Deep in my heart there’s a trembling question, still, I am sure that the answer’s gonna come somehow”

August 16, 1977, 39 years ago to date, the world lost Elvis Presley. At just 42 years of age, he was gone. Leaving behind a young 9-year-old Lisa Marie. Giving us decades of music and movies, Elvis has stood the test of time and has continued to inspire our culture through the legacy he left behind. Elvis was a very spiritual person and wanted to explore thoughts and theories of others around him. When Elvis began making what we know today as the ’68 Comeback Special, it was supposed to be a Christmas special. The Colonel had sold this idea and was not pleased when Elvis and the producer of the show created other plans.

The world around us today is similar to the world in the 1960s. Elvis recorded a song that the Colonel called a “hippie” song, but Elvis was determined to perform it for the special. The song was If I Can Dream. There is no better song to include for the anniversary of Elvis’s passing than this one. Our world is hurting. The people are looking for hope and are in search of answers. So many things unclear and it is scary. Not knowing what may happen when we step outside the door, and somewhat living in fear. The times are very similar to how they were in the 60s. Situations got better, I still think hope is not lost. We cannot lose hope, for hope is what creates change. This song will always be one of my favorite songs. (Taking second place to We Can Make The Morning).

If I Can Dream

Elvis truly gave it his all during this performance. I still find myself watching this performance over and over again and crying every single time. The passion he gave in this performance just shows how wonderfully talented this man truly is. With everything going on around the world and in Elvis’s hometown of Memphis, TN, I think this song is so important to remember and believe in the hope once again.

Forever on my mind and in my heart, RIP Elvis. Though I never knew you, you have impacted my life so much and actually saved my life. Thank you for bringing me the best friends I could ever hope for and providing the most incredible entertainment we will ever know. Gone, but never forgotten.



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